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Onto Ísafjörður! (Pronounced Eesafyorthur)

After a couple days in Flókalundur we decided it was time to move on. We were very lucky and caught a couple just on their way out of Flókalundur’s hotel (we had gone in to for some information). 924 more words


Off to the West Fjords!

That night Thomas and I agreed that we would leave for the West Fjords the next day. He said goodbye to a couple campsite friends who were leaving the country that week (he had been in Reykjavik all summer) and the next day we were off. 1,733 more words


Iceland – Impeccable beauty of Nature!

Iceland, contradicting its name is a place full of natural beauty and greenery. You may call it a Photo-shopped country with places which appears as a land of fairy. 562 more words


West Fjords, Iceland

I’m not usually one to go somewhere twice, but Iceland basically demands an exception.

I’ve posted a bunch more on my Facebook site, but these are some of my faves. 65 more words


Riding High above the Fjords

It’s day two in the West Fjords and the views continue to take my breath away.

Remember those dizzying heights and unpaved roads I thought I had avoided?…they showed up today. 401 more words


Have you drive a fjord lately?

I have arrived in the West Fjords of Iceland. And getting here was different than I expected…

The main (pleasant) surprise is that for the most part it was paved and it wasn’t the dizzying heights I had expected. 386 more words