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Ísafjörður to Holmavik

Day 57. 24th August, Ísafjörður to Holmavik, Iceland (Vestfirðir or West Fjords).

This waterfall and creek is at the back of the camping grounds where I was staying in Ísafjörður.  507 more words



Day 56. 23rd August, near Bildudalir to Ísafjörður, Iceland (Vestfirðir or West Fjords).

This is eight or ten kilometres on from from the waterfall near Bildudalir that we saw in the previous post.  367 more words



Day 56.  23rd August, Breiðavik to Bildudalir, Iceland (Vestfirðir or West Fjords).

This is at Breiðavik where I had stayed overnight (note: ð in Icelandic is pronounced as th).  218 more words



Our next stop on the trip was the town of Molde. Along the way, we made a stop in Kristiansund, a port town that apparently has a lot of oil money. 287 more words


Home -- and posting videos

We are home.

Boo hoo! :'(

I’ve spent too much time uploading videos to YouTube and not enough time unpacking. Where do I put all our thermal base-layers?  163 more words

Dynjandi Falls

It was a long and mostly wonderful dayand I am too tired to write about it.

We went to Isafjordur and had a guide take us down to Dynjandi falls. 253 more words

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