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Lawfully held guns seized: Police ask "How did he get such a haul?"

A number of lawfully owned firearms have been seized from a certificate holder by police following allegations of a brawl and claims that a gun had been fired. 779 more words


Solihull Trading Standards hits the Jackpot

It was a really good day for us yesterday but probably not so great for the people who had their illegal tobacco taken from them. 226 more words

Mobile Phones,Driving and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

This edition of the blog is devoted to those who despite our best efforts at deterrent, and the constant media bombardment that tell them that their actions are potentially lethal; still persist in participating in what is becoming the most visible and public of all road traffic offences. 1,337 more words


Working closely with Birmingham Airport

Some people may not know that Birmingham Airport is actually in Solihull and, therefore, covered by Solihull MBC Trading Standards. We also cover the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and the new entertainment venue Resorts World Birmingham. 123 more words

Police “supporting” Anti-Muslim Headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, DfE/Ofsted Ignore Potential Safeguarding Issues

It seems as though my previous blog has triggered some activity around the anti-Muslim head of Anderton Park School.  The Birmingham Mail published an article reporting that the police were now “supporting” Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, who, as I highlighted, claimed that parents petitioning against what they deemed objectionable teaching material, dead animals in schools and a death threat (received as a text message in one report, and on Facebook in another), were evidence of the Trojan Hoax lies resurgent. 565 more words

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Courier fraudsters filmed grinning while stealing cash from their 80 year old victim's account

As callous courier fraud scammers continue to blight the region, West Midlands Police have released a video fitted to an ATM machine showing two men clearly enjoying their evening as they help themselves to the money of their 80 year old victim. 118 more words

Courier fraudsters hit Birmingham hard

Fraud police are urging residents to stay vigilant against phone scammers posing as police officers and bank staff after eight Birmingham residents were collectively conned out of… 82 more words