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Timing trumps preparation

My hopes of flying on Memorial Day didn’t work out, because the weather didn’t cooperate. However, a couple of my coworkers were taking the following Friday off, and it looked like a good day for me to get some fresh air as well. 1,370 more words

Flying Days

9/14/14 - Greetings from Woodstock - Realization of What I'll Probably Become

I may have found my new go-to WiFi spot. Its a scenic 30 minute drive from my place, it’s open past 6 and it has this view: 593 more words

Gimme day

We have all kinds of fancy weather tools available on the internet these days. I often marvel that people were able to hang glide 20 years or more ago, not knowing what the weather would be. 1,277 more words

Flying Days