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Hangin' with the paras

Word went out on the intertubes that there was interest in flying at West Rutland on Monday, and things at work were not in crisis mode, so I dropped an email to my boss and a couple of my coworkers saying that “I had the flew”, and I’d see them on Tuesday. 894 more words

Flying Days

Timing trumps preparation

My hopes of flying on Memorial Day didn’t work out, because the weather didn’t cooperate. However, a couple of my coworkers were taking the following Friday off, and it looked like a good day for me to get some fresh air as well. 1,370 more words

Flying Days

9/14/14 - Greetings from Woodstock - Realization of What I'll Probably Become

I may have found my new go-to WiFi spot. Its a scenic 30 minute drive from my place, it’s open past 6 and it has this view: 593 more words

Gimme day

We have all kinds of fancy weather tools available on the internet these days. I often marvel that people were able to hang glide 20 years or more ago, not knowing what the weather would be. 1,277 more words

Flying Days

Indian summer

On Friday, I had to leave work early to pick up my mother from the ER, where she had gone for a minor issue, but had to wait for hours, and she doesn’t drive after dark. 327 more words

Flying Days

There and Back Again: Our 3rd Annual Girl-Trip to Vermont!

Happy New Year all! We’re one week into the new year and already I have accomplished my first trip of the year – our annual pharmacy girls’ trip to Vermont! 1,332 more words