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plying the waters......

The first cruise ship of the season arrived in Seattle just before 6 this morning and already headed out again around 4 this afternoon!

On a little different scale the boat in the following video just left town too, but heading east.   16 more words


meanwhile back at home...

While David was hiking on the other side of the Pacific yesterday I was at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s Gala at Salty’s complete with bid card and champagne…… dangerous, huh?? 72 more words


OK so this is what I spent my morning doing ;)

… to be specific I actually manned the Street Closed barricades wearing a fluorescent orange safety vest because I know from experience that people feel really guilty about almost running over women in wheelchairs so I was a natural for the job ;) but check out this link from the West Seattle Blog for all the other details…. 84 more words