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Around the World in a 1930 Sedan

Dad was thundering around a corner in West Seattle on a training run, when he noticed an unusual automobile parked in the driveway of one of the homes along the street. 476 more words


Suzy Homemaker

I’m not sure what got into me this weekend, but I ended up reupholstering an old stool and an old storage ottoman.

Both were about to get the old heave-ho, but now I feel like I’ve given them a new lease on life. 474 more words

jen + max | engaged!

Working with friends, on a beautiful day, in the city I love. Those conditions are hard to beat. But when you show the bride-to-be a shot off the back of your camera, and she says “I think that’s the best photo ever taken of me…ever…” Well, it’s hard not to walk away wishing every job was just like that. 46 more words


Seattle Now & Then: Return of the Homestead

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The well-connected Gladys Barnette and William Bernard started their thirty-two years of married life in the Olympia mansion of Washington state’s first governor, Elisha Ferry.  1,376 more words

Seattle Now And Then

Walking Seattle the Last Time (this trip)

Charlie and I visited all the stairs we have discovered on the West Seattle slopes.  You can’t live here without becoming very familiar with staircases and crazy steep streets.   150 more words


Vidiot (West Seattle)

I just had to write a post about this place as it is one of my favorites! Picture this; all of those arcades you used to play when you were younger all in one place. 394 more words

Seattle Foodie