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Thanksgiving Day Menu at Mongo's House

Here’s the menu for Thanksgiving dinner in Mongo’s house this year.  Most of it is not “Mongo Friendly” for one or more reasons, so he did not get to partake in most of it, except for some turkey.  177 more words


Oh baby, it's chilly outside!

When it’s time to do a family photo it’s time, no matter what the weather! It was sunny, brite, and chilly but we got the shots! 44 more words


Thru the raindrops

It’s that time of year for last minute senior yearbook photos. Yup, I can still make it happen for you. Neve came by this afternoon after shuffling her schedule and mine only to find the rains coming – what to do?! 49 more words


Is Peace Possible?

Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys, taken at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, WA.

I recently had an exchange with a woman angry about the racism she had received or perceived.  975 more words

Creating The New Reality

Pomme de Terre

Mongo loves apples.  Mongo hunts for fallen apples from the Fourth of July through the first days of winter.  But not only does he like red and yellow apples, which the French call pommes.  310 more words


Pommes Sauvages - Redoux

Mongo had finished all the apples again.  Dad and he were finishing a walk back from the school, when Dad led him over to the apple tree again.  527 more words


Balancing my Qi

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about feeling anxious and generally out of sorts.  She recommended acupuncture and said she’s really noticed a difference since she started doing it. 476 more words