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Living On The Edge

I feel like I should write something right now. There is almost so much going on (and most of it is shitty) that I don’t know where to start. 469 more words

Office Life

Dude. That ain't right.

Holy crap.

I’m realizing that I haven’t updated the Official NJLE™ website in over SIX MONTHS. Wow, that’s my epic failure. It’s kind of bizarre how much things can change in such a relatively short (or relatively long, depending on your perspective) period of time. 345 more words

The Desk Of The King

Bad news drivers: Gas prices inch higher after months of declines

Drivers recently spoiled by falling gasoline prices are now having to deal with a new reality: Higher costs at the pump.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has increased every day for the past 28 days to a national average of $2.30 per gallon, … 256 more words


RT: Business Headlines, February 3, 2015

February 03, 2015 10:32

Gazprom to remain Europe’s key gas supplier Russia’s Gazprom says it will increase gas exports to Europe by 5 to 8 percent to 160 billion cubic meters in the next three years, and thus remain the largest gas supplier in Europe.  420 more words


RT: What game is the House of Saud playing? by Pepe Escobar . . . MUST READ. . .~J

Pepe Escobar is the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong, an analyst for RT and TomDispatch, and a frequent contributor to websites and radio shows ranging from the US to East Asia. 1,788 more words


PressTV: Asian markets see further fall in oil prices

Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:6AM

Oil prices in Asian markets have experienced a further drop as the demand is weak and a continued oversupply puts more pressure on the prices already at their lowest in five and a half years.  171 more words


The economic pendulum swings again

The grand expanse that is Canada guarantees that one of the iconic realities of our national character remains our ability and willingness, when necessary, to pull up stakes and head for wherever the pastures grow greenest. 665 more words