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West Wing -- Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

One of the most common fallacies that people fall victim to is the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Simply put, don’t simply assume that because one thing follows another, the first thing caused the second thing to happen.


The Road Taken -- My Second Act

When I take breaks from playing and working outdoors, I find myself streaming The West Wing on Netflix. Besides my fantasy of living in an Aaron Sorkin world where everyone is wicked smart and funny with heads brimming with useful facts, that series was iconic for me in a strange, ultimately unsurprising, way. 904 more words

The West Wing ~ Episodes 1-4

Hi there, everyone! I hope that you’re all doing well(: I recently had a new idea for a series of posts (I’m always coming up with them, lol), and it was inspired by a show I began watching a few weeks ago with my mom! 892 more words

The West Wing

Lydia Bell, 2015-2017

Dear Whitley,

what can I say that can encapsulate my years here? Oh wait, there is nothing. Nothing that can sum up what this place means to me. 57 more words

House of Cards vs. Game of Thrones

Lots of discussion lately about watching sin in movies and television series.  The reason appears to be the new season of Game of Thrones.  That genre interests me not at all so I haven’t seen any of it, and I’ve only watched one episode of… 664 more words

Being Human

Gorka departs White House over Afghan strategy

(National SentinelForeign Policy: One of President Donald J. Trump’s most reasonable voices on foreign policy matters has apparently been forced out of the White House, as the purge of “Make America Great Again” voices continues. 702 more words

Executive Branch

Trump economic advisor Cohn challenges prez on Charlottesville: 'We have to do a better job' condemning hate

(National SentinelWest Wing: White House economic advisor Gary Cohn has just thrown his boss, President Donald J. Trump, under the same bus the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream” media, Democrats, cowardly RINOs have. 316 more words