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Sermon: Inside and Out, Sermon, UCB, Sunday 30 August 2015

Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-9


“You’re unique among the nations,” says God to Israel. “You have my Law. You know how I want you to live, from me.” We’ve said it before, and no doubt we’ll say it again – in fact, we’ll say it every time we read from the fifth book of the Hebrew Bible, which we know as Deuteronomy: Deuteronomy means “The second giving of the Law.” The book doesn’t date from what we usually think of as the time of Moses, which would probably be about the thirteen-hundreds BC. 2,340 more words

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Ten Rules for a Campaign Worthy of Canadians

In TV’s political drama West Wing, C. J. once bemoaned a trivial incident being reported as news and said, “Everybody’s stupid in an election year.” Charlie replied, “No, everybody gets treated stupid in an election year.” With the first debate in Canada’s long electoral slog heading toward the October vote now over and the campaign gathering steam, sadly, it appears that C. 665 more words


Reruns of shows and love

I’ve been rewatching the first three seasons of Vikings (great show, go watch it now). As with most second (or third or fourth) viewings, I’ve noticed things this time around that I missed the first time. 345 more words


Change The Channel

There was a time when I used to type up a list every season of all the shows we watched so we can easily DVR them. 621 more words

These Fake Presidents Might Be Worth A Vote

Being the President of the United States seems like it’s both the greatest and, at the same time, absolute worst job in the whole world. On one hand, you have the media, the public and even your colleagues scrutinizing and over-analyzing every move, decision and statement that you make. 1,005 more words


Where Progress Happens

By Rachel Neuburger

The West Wing sparked my interest in politics. This is unfortunate. According to Mark Leibovich, the West Wing caused a wave of millennials to study Political Science, move to Washington with dreams of affecting Bartlet-scale change, and suddenly realize just how hard it is to make progress on a federal scale. 956 more words


West Wing Greeting Card

West Wing Greeting Card

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