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The West Wing Today: What would be different if the West Wing was written in 2016

For anyone with an interest in modern American politics, world governance or political or the intimate life of the world’s most powerful politician, the West Wing is a gold mine. 1,134 more words

Thankful for Trump

I rarely see eye-to-eye with Michael Novak, but m(mmmmeeeeEEE)y reaction to the election was similar to his in the sense that I dreaded four more years of progressivism at that center of American life and felt a sense of relief when news came that Hillary Clinton did not win. 422 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Thanksgiving. The First Tough One

Thanksgiving for me has gone from something that I took for granted to something that I cherish more in my older years. My younger years with my mom and dad were one’s of us all gathering. 271 more words

The West Wing Gives Me All the Toby Feels

There are many occasions when this GIF has been so appropriate, not the least of which was the finale of the 2016 presidential election. But even for your every day moments when you just need to remember that someone out there gets it, here’s Toby Ziegler sending you all his… 8 more words


The Best Thanksgiving Episodes. Ever.

So as part of my new Thanksgiving tradition, last year I scoured the web for the best Thanksgiving episodes. This year I plan on watching… 406 more words

20 Hours in America: Why We're With Her

Dear readers,

This week’s post was supposed to be a boozy one. I was going to make fall cocktails, most likely of the bourbon variety… 936 more words

Life As We Know It