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Quote of the Week (2.8.2016)

In honor of the presidential election, here’s a quote from the West Wing. I’m all for Bartlet 2016 (or Obama again) if he weren’t fictional character ( or unconstitutional, in Obama’s case). 76 more words

2016 Art 365 Challenge -Progress

Definitely making some solid progress. Not anywhere near where I want to be yet, but it still feels good to compare and contrast work from just a month ago. Onwards we plod

Living in Iowa During an Election

I feel like I know a lot about politics, but most of my knowledge is strictly something I picked up from “The West Wing” and “Saturday Night Live.” I never really thought I’d have an interest in politics beyond that. 1,145 more words



Dear American Voters

I follow the news, I’ve studied your constitutional history, I’ve lived in the country, I have family and friends in your country. I’ve watched every episode of the… 392 more words

Applause for Sam

I’VE NEVER seen West Wing because it’s not available on Mexican Netflix. I think I would like it.

The Odd Pot

Will I be a redhead?

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 2, 2004

… need to get control of this stupid game my brain is playing.

It started out really small, like OK,  I was watching “West Wing” with my mom, and all of a sudden I thought, if she gets up and makes popcorn during a commercial I’m going to stand up and yodel when she brings it back. 247 more words


Fear of Dying Alone

Watching the sixth season of West Wing, when Bartlett has a serious bout with his MS.  Watching his wife, with whom he has argued for most of the series, and who has left his side more than once, come to him. 108 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis