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To Shop or to Hug?

Let’s be honest.

Christmas shopping is nobody’s favorite thing to do, and all of these Black Friday deals don’t make it any more fun. Thanksgiving a day to give thanks, to be grateful for all that we have.   240 more words

The Other Kind of Cheeky

There are many cute sayings in American culture which explain why children are so like their parents. I’m not sure if it is nature or nurture (both?) but Jasper is basically Patrick’s clone. 130 more words


Wait... What am I Supposed to Make for Lunch?

When Jasper goes to preschool next year, I’m supposed to pack him a lunch. I have no idea what I’m supposed to make him.

Peanut butter isn’t allowed at most schools because of the severity of many children’s allergies. 121 more words


Advice to my Formerly Pregnant Self About How to Get Through It

This time around, I’m handling this getting ready for the baby thing a bit differently, and there are some things that I wish I could go back and tell me about. 269 more words


Watch Your F*cking Language

A month or so ago, Jasper began dropping the F-bomb.

It is Patrick’s favorite word, and he really enjoys using it- especially when driving. It has been difficult for Patrick to give up using the word, despite my… 325 more words


Top Picks of Westborough's Parks

Westborough Parks and Recreation Department does a terrific job maintaining a vast number of playgrounds and fields for a variety of purposes. Here are some of our family’s favorites, based on their different purposes: 377 more words


The Pumpkin Mania Spreads to Toddlers

Most of our kid’s experience with pumpkins this year has been at Story Land. We were lucky enough to visit more than a few times, and Jasper loved every minute we spent there. 163 more words