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I’m In Love with Buffalo Bill Cody

Cody, Wyoming was the first stop we made in Wyoming going from South Dakota to Yellowstone.  We (me, Leonard and my grand-wonder Aubrey) met our friend Tee-Gie Hamilton and her three precious grandchildren in Keystone, SD.  446 more words


Laughing Heart

Laughing Heart, 30 x 40, oil on linen

This Plains Indian has a painted face, a beaded shirt and holds a shield


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Native American

How Art Collected by a Long-Lost Rockefeller Changed the Met Museum Forever

Speak with anyone who has ever visited the Michael C. Rockefeller Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and they’ll tell you that the 18-foot-tall poles at the center of its cavernous hall, collected from New Guinea by the long-lost Rockefeller heir the wing is named for, are by far some of the most powerful objects in the museum’s collections. 488 more words

Jeff Pugh at Mountain Trails Gallery

Reading artist statements is often akin to swallowing cotton; it sticks, and not in a good way~~you just can’t swallow. But artist statements need to exist as a touchstone for our own interpretations and feelings about artwork. 180 more words

About Jackson Hole

Bill Sawczuk's Big Country

I don’t know where to start. I believe this is the finest collection of Bill Sawczuk paintings I’ve ever seen.

Sawczuk’s “The Way I See It,” 433 more words

About Jackson Hole

Let me take you on a journey to this Asian-European world!

Artist:QingZhu Zhang.

As you may see artist Zhang is plugging famous western art theme into Asian society. In his version, it is much more innocent and fun.


Phavorites - Sun Gazing/Female Portraits in Western Art

I enjoyed this quick video of some great artworks. I hope you will too.