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March 29th

This is Not the Natural Place. – Part X – Road Development and Increased Recreation

1:00 p.m. Sun continues for another day, and insects make a tentative try at recovering. 496 more words

Glacier Lily


Here is a Western Bluebird the morning after a spring snow storm. I’ve written a little about Western Bluebirds here: THE WESTERN BLUEBIRD


Saturday at the Park

I tagged along with my husband and son on their fishing trip to El Dorado Park this evening and brought my camera with me. Not a whole lot was going on, but I did take some time photographing the resident Geese.  191 more words


March 7th

It is enough. This is the Right Place – First Peoples – Part V

2:00 p.m. Hawks! Near picnic site 6, a couple is standing looking intently towards the east-south ridge wall. 2,187 more words


Western Bluebird Painting

Western Bluebird — Computer Painting by kenne

When you find yourself 

out on a limb alone

it’s best to be a bird.

— kenne


Wintering In Sabino Canyon


Western Bluebird — Images by kenne

We dance round a ring and suppose,
But the secret sits in the middle, and knows.

— Robert Frost