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I am not getting many birds here in this area, well not coming to my feeder anyways. The only other way to get them is to pack up my gear and go looking, which takes a bit more motivation :roll: especially in an area I’m not familiar with. 56 more words


Junco and Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a shot of the Dark-eyed Junco(Red-Back) and the Western Bluebird.

Weather: Pretty nice today, but it is time to move on and I am going to a hotter area, so I’ll likely be wimping :roll: 14 more words


Western Bluebird, bath time

Pictures: The Western Bluebird was enjoying it’s bath.

Taking a dive :)

Exercise: I walked two to three miles today, had a little sunshine and that got me going :)

Night folks


2016 Sept 20 - butters n blues

California Sister * Adelpha californica

Briones Regional Park * Contra Costa County CA

juvenile Western Bluebirds * Sialia mexicana