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Western Bluebird, bath time

Pictures: The Western Bluebird was enjoying it’s bath.

Taking a dive :)

Exercise: I walked two to three miles today, had a little sunshine and that got me going :)

Night folks


2016 Sept 20 - butters n blues

California Sister * Adelpha californica

Briones Regional Park * Contra Costa County CA

juvenile Western Bluebirds * Sialia mexicana

Western Bluebird again

Pictures: A couple more Western Bluebirds.

Theme : Well okay I think that I am about to settle on this one, “Toujours”. As far I can tell the word is French but I can’t seems to get a solid definition for it. 216 more words


Western Bluebird

Pictures: Just one today, a Western Bluebird that landed near my RV after I got park today.

Travel : I have moved to an area near Flagstaff, AZ and it is an area that can get muddy and of course first thing is to get some rain LOL. 113 more words


Outing at El Dorado Park

This morning I took a break from furniture refinishing/painting and went over to El Dorado Park with my husband. I figured I could bring my camera gear and do a little bird photography (one of my favorite things to shoot…with a camera that is) :) while the Mr. 181 more words


Western Bluebirds

Pictures: Western Bluebirds today. The birds are picking up a bit around the feeders/birdbath. I have seen Robins, Bluebirds both Western and Mountain, Lesser Gold Finches, Chipping Sparrows, Say’s Phoebe, Juniper Titmouse, Mountain Chickadees and unidentified LBJ (Little brown jobs) :) Still no Nuthatchers or Wood Peakers :( but still Not bad for 6 days. 97 more words