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Regional Textile and Apparel Supply Chains--Questions from FASH455

NAFTA and Textile and Apparel Rules of Origin

#1 How do rules of origin (RoO) and free trade agreement (FTA) regulations affect speed to market in apparel sourcing? 251 more words

International Trade

John Willis Menard, First African-American Elected to Congress


The International Vision of John Willis Menard, First African-American Elected to Congress

Although he was denied his seat in the House, Menard continued his political activism with the goal of uniting people across the Western Hemisphere… 1,598 more words


Politics, NAFTA and Security Make for a Bumpy Ride

Antonio Garza (Mexico, 2002-2009)

Cross posted from Ambassador Garza’s newsletter


In two weeks, North America’s NAFTA negotiators will sit down for the seventh round of negotiations in Mexico City, and Presidents Trump and Pena Nieto have announced that they too will be meeting. 814 more words

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The Monroe Doctrine...The Original “Get Off My Lawn!”

Today in History, December 2: 1823 – The Monroe Doctrine. European powers had, in recent years, settled wars and were once again turning their attention westward…Russia had declared that the northwest American continent was theirs. 364 more words

Explorations: Quetzals

Quetzals are large colorful birds with iridescent feathers, usually found in the humid highlands from northern South America and southern North America. There are 6 species in 2 genera within the family Trogonidae. 76 more words


NAFTA 2.0: Let the 'Games' Begin

Antonio O. Garza (U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, 2002-2009)

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The NAFTA talks kicked off this past week in Washington DC, with negotiators from the three countries outlining their visions for improving trilateral trade. 511 more words

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