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Hogs Gone Wild

The United States records an economic loss of an estimated 1.5 billion dollars each year from feral hogs. From an agriculture stand point, feral hogs cause 800 million dollars of damage across the United States.  931 more words


The Life of a Crop Scout

“Scouting fields for weeds, disease and pests is one of the best investments you can make during the growing season to protect crop yield potential.” – Missy Bauer, Farm Journal associate field agronomist. 692 more words


There is No "I" in Team

Growing up on the farm, I always knew I was different. I drew pictures in class of cows having babies, wrote stories about helping my dad haul manure, and explained in detail to the other kids about where that lunchroom cheeseburger came from. 928 more words


One case of mumps identified on Western Illinois University Macomb campus

MACOMB, Illinois — University and local health officials have confirmed at least one case of mumps on the campus of Western Illinois University and are urging students, faculty and other community members to take precautions to prevent the further spread of the illness. 291 more words


Lifestyle of the Cattle Industry

There is a certain lifestyle that only few people are cut out for, and that is the show cattle industry.  Parents that understand how this industry works, would never want their children growing up any other way.  875 more words

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What "Prime Beef" means to me

When most people think of the term “prime beef,” they think of it as a juicy, tender, and flavorful cut of meat. To me, it means something very different. 609 more words


Outside the Show Ring

Banners, buckles, trophies, and spotlight are all normal sought after items at a show in the livestock industry. While I am a fan of getting a reward on hard work and dedication it is not all about that when showing. 713 more words