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The Untold Realities of a Gay Man With a Passion for Agriculture


Homosexuality in agriculture isn’t always what you imagine it to be. For example, farmers liking farmers or cowboys having the hots for other cowboys. Even if we do usually smell a lot better, dress better, and know how to win a lady’s heart more than the regular guys that isn’t the case. 3,208 more words


Rotational Grazing

More than a quarter of agricultural ground in the midwest is some kind of pasture. About 80% of these pastures are not properly taken care of. 321 more words


New plans for 8 acres of land near Moline's WIU campus after original plans fail

MOLINE– Moline leaders are exploring new options for the eight acres of land next to the Western Illinois University campus after the original idea didn’t go according to plan. 396 more words


Sigma Alpha: Not your typical sorority

Prior to coming to Western Illinois University to further my education, I always had told myself, “I would never join a sorority.” I had thought that sorority girls were nothing but a bunch of rich girls who always had to wear a new outfit to go out or that they bought their friendships. 533 more words


Farming has changed in a major way over the last 50 years. From recent interviews and what I have personally heard over the years of being around a family farm I have put together some interesting opinions and ideas how farming has changed over the years. 779 more words


The Benefits of Showing Pigs

I haven’t always grown up raising pigs and showing pigs. I know what it’s like to not have any livestock. I have been raising and showing pigs for the past eight years now. 625 more words


Entrepreneurship in Agriculture - A Youth's Perspective

Entrepreneurship is hard. It comes with an abundance of failures and mistakes, but learning from those mistakes is what makes a good entrepreneur. This is a story of how my siblings and I started our own feeder cattle business, and how we developed our program as we gained more experience. 1,041 more words