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Guest Editorial: Study Abroad

By Rajdeep Guha

The university system of education traces its roots to the medieval period and was established to transmit specialised knowledge and provide training for a few key professions. 1,961 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai

SPAIN, Marking Excellence in Higher Education

By Adrián Gutiérrez and Alejandra Garcia Fuertes

Located in Western Europe, which covers most of the Iberian Peninsula and two archipelagos, viz., the Balearic and the Canary Islands, Spain has emerged as one of the largest economies in the world. 1,939 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai

‘Universitying’ in Kuwait

By Abid Akbar Vali

Kuwait, a constitutional Emirate, has seen a surge in institutions of higher education in the past decade or so. The government-sponsored Kuwait University is still in a regionally well-ranked place with a fairly recognizable curriculum based on the American system of higher education. 889 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Living and Studying in Japan

By Cy Elza Mathews

Completing an MA or a PhD is a difficult task. Is it wise, then, to complicate things even further by undertaking postgraduate study far away from home in an unfamiliar culture? 1,312 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

New Zealand university education − a gateway to success

By Wayne Angus

New Zealand, the land of Aotearoa or long white cloud, was originally inhabited by the Polynesians in 1300 CE. Thanks to the gold rush in the province of Otago in the 1860s, Europeans, especially Scottish missionaries, started coming in hordes. 698 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Higher Education in The Netherlands: Setting a new benchmark for International Students

By Laura Smit 

Why study in the Netherlands

In November last year, I was given the chance to visit 5 cities in India to represent the Dutch University I work for: … 1,591 more words

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai