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A Kiss Before Dying

Sioux tipi, watercolor by Karl Bodmer, ca. 1833

Mose Randolph sat bound and beaten in a dark, empty and smoke-filled Oglala lodge when the tipi’s flap opened and a handsome girl entered with a bowl of food and a gourd of water, which Mose was sure was his last meal. 279 more words

Flash Fiction

What's for Breakfast?

Home-cooked Western Breakfast

The Menu

  • Pancakes with Bacon, Shrimp, Poached Egg, Salad Greens and Cream Cheese Dressing
  • Fruits
  • Coffee

Today’s Comic


Chwast Food.

We love that Poland, Warsaw has Chwast Food . 100% vegan. We have searched the world for burgers and these are just fantastic! Opened Oct 2014 as Best Seler, meaning “celery” in Polish, and changed their name in Jan 2015. 106 more words

Do we need Feminism in Western Culture?

“Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.”

468 more words

Bites & Wines.

We have discovered Bites & Wines situated in Antwerpen, Belgium. Please do give their Facebook page a like and share their delightful cafe around the world. 222 more words


Cowboy Up 2 (Boxed Set)

Out Now – Cowboy Up 2 Boxed Set!

Saddle Up with the best-selling authors who brought you Cowboy Up… And fall for Six more Cowboys ready to steal your heart! 3,204 more words