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Introducing Janice N. Chapman, author of Destiny's Call

“I appreciate all that Outskirts Press has done for me and my book.”

Janice N. Chapman was born and raised in northwest Oklahoma. Her love for horses began as a child, and today she owns a small horse ranch in the Pratt, Kansas, area. 223 more words

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Rockstar Games has announced that the release of its highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 will shift from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018. The game is currently set to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.  235 more words


Films by John Wayne

John Wayne is one of my dead crushes. I feel it terribly unfair that all my enduring romantic attachments are for men who a. are no longer living, b. 437 more words


Back to the Future: Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines, vol. 1

Summary: Back to the Future creator/screenwriter Bob Gale returns with all-new tales from the twisting and turning timeline that made Back to the Future a, well… TIMELESS pop-culture phenomenon! 530 more words


Bad Girls

Whores on horses. Westerns changed a lot after John Wayne died. “Bad Girls” is a 1994 revenge/caper/western with brief glimpses of Drew Barrymore’s boobies. Madeleine Stowe plays a butt-kicking madam with a dark past who shares undertones of homoerotic chemistry with Mary Stuart Masterson (Where is the Skinemax remake when you need it?). 49 more words

Movie Reviews

Stagecoach (1966)

Oh, no. Here we are again. The unnecessary….remake!!! Considered by most to be one of the best westerns ever made, 1939’s Stagecoach is a key film that helped lay out a foundation for a whole type of western, not to mention helping skyrocket John Wayne to stardom. 847 more words

Not Tired of Winning

Awards are nice. Very much so, but cutthroat, dog-eat-dog competition for them has always struck me as worthless. A writer’s job is to entertain. An award for giving readers a moment’s fun is great. 274 more words