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Deadwood and the Drive for Historical Realism

Most Western movies aren’t known for, or popular because of, their historical accuracy; they’re just realistic enough to get by. They feature a lot of action, a clear moral dichotomy in characters, overt patriotism, an overwhelming male presence, and an idealistic view of life in the Wild West. 989 more words

Outrun the Bandits

I grew up in the era of black-and-white television (1950s), when Westerns were the most popular action genre. There were no computer graphics or other hi-tech special effects in shows like The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, andWanted: Dead or Alive—and no cars for the now-obligatory car chase. 382 more words

Better People


I was wrong about a couple of things I’d guessed about this story before I began to write it. At 780 words it turned out not to be flash fiction. 800 more words


A Fistful of Dollars

Year: 1964
Directed By: Sergio Leone
Written By: Several people are credited with both story and screenplay


Having just seen this movie for the first time in my life I’m ashamed to have had such a high opinion of myself as a movie fan. 425 more words

Clint Eastwood

Read E.W. Westerns in Summer 2015

In Desert Sun, Red Blood, western tales set during the time of the Indian wars in the lawless Arizona Territory, newspaperman Ben Dauber comes to maturity among a rough-and-tumble group of renegade Apaches, range settlers, saloon girls, professional gamblers, seedy lawmen, a hanging judge, gunslingers, desperate thieves and murders, con men, land-grabbing ranchers, ruthless claim jumpers, steely-eyed railroad operatives, dashing cavalry officers and spirited frontier women who knew how to ride, track and use weapons as well as men.  67 more words


Loft Clocks

Clocks gone on a

head casing up joint


sussing lie of land

what lies up ahead

red injuns

renegade hands,


plumbing and heating, 27 more words


Saturday With Zane Grey

Greetings, Bibliophiles! I have taken over Saturdays in the shop, due to the greatly increased volume of customers during Spring Break. I loooove it when it’s busy, although, I rarely get much done on those days, but the selling. 349 more words