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My Book Review of '10,000 Ways to Die'

I’ve been a fan of Spaghetti Westerns for a long time. But, up until now, the Spaghetti Western began and ended for me with the great director Sergio Leone. 334 more words


Streets Run Red (Cassidy Red, 2017)

A young prostitute who appears to have had a very bad day starts to talk with a saloon (brothel?) piano player…an older man named Cricket, who tells her a tale of heartache and revenge. 231 more words


Blu-ray Review: The Covered Wagon


A great caravan of covered wagons, filled with hearty pioneers and their families and possessions, are waiting for the Spring “jump off” at Westport Landing, now Kansas City. 627 more words


Beat the Devil (Diablo, 2015)

I gotta say…if you were going to make a western about young Bill Munny, Scott Eastwood would be the guy you would hire to play him. 214 more words


On the Run (The Outlaw Josey Wales, 1976)

At the end of the Civil War, Josey Wales just wanted to live in peace.  When Union Soldiers burn his house and kill his wife, he takes up with a band of rebellious Confederate Soldiers.  243 more words


Unforgiven (1992)

Dir. Clint Eastwood. Starring Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman

If you give an actor the director’s chair, he’ll want his star persona to go with it. 1,863 more words