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East Rohan

When the Eastfold went live I really got excited, there was more of the iconic Rohan that we picture in the books and watch in the movies. 457 more words


West Rohan

Although I was really excited for the release of Rohan nearly two years ago, but it felt that although I ventured further into the new land and discovered the new game mechanics like mounted combat i fell less and less in love with the new region. 439 more words


Voice of Isengard: Allies Review

The player cards review of the Voice of Isengard continues with a look at the five new allies included in this expansion. With one ally from each sphere and a neutral addition, there should theoretically be something for everyone here. 3,748 more words


An introduction to Crafting Part 6: Crafting and Character leveling

In “An introduction to Crafting Part 0: Why Craft” I explained one of the reasons to craft is that with crafting you’ll also gain experience points for your character level. 243 more words

Crafting Tips & Tricks

Video - Battle of Westfold

I don’t have a lot of details for this except that these Czech Larpers and the temperature is around -25C.

Thanks to Krystof Samal for sharing on Google+


Mark Palumbo, Tony Reyes, Nick Moen Live Sessions

These boys are awesome, previously known as Westfold (also with Simon Carrillo), Mark Tony and Nick have been around the Fringe scene since the beginning. … 91 more words


Anyone for some crafting?

Over the last week I’ve been tipping my way through Dunland, still really enjoying the zone. At time of writing, I’ve just completed questing in the Dunbog area. 430 more words