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Canterbury crime doubles

By Rachel Tucker

Over 600 reports of criminal damage in Canterbury were made between August 2013 and 2014, according to UK Crime Statistics.
October is… 263 more words

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Rumours exploded - David Hirst

The overview committee meeting at Canterbury City Council.

TheHirstComment was relieved that members were reassured, in the presence of the Chief Executive by a senior Transport Officer, that no current plans existed for spending on traffic changes or new paving in the St Dunstan’s area. 433 more words

Westgate Towers trial brings mass traffic congestion to Canterbury

 Traffic in Canterbury has doubled after a 12 month trial put a stop to cars passing through the Westgate Towers…continue reading

Reopening of Westgate Towers offers solution to traffic problems

 Canterbury residents wait in excited anticipation for the April 2 reopening of the Westgate towers, after months of major traffic issues…continue reading

Canterbury pollution down thanks to Westgate Towers closure, says council

Battle to keep scheme continues

Closing Canterbury’s historic Westgate Towers has proved a success in reducing the City’s pollution and the scheme should be kept, the council says. 228 more words

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Westgate Towers traffic scheme - update

The trial, which was introduced for a 12-month duration, looks as if it might be staying put for a while longer.

The trial isn’t officially over until March 27, but recent reports have emerged saying that it could be extended. 82 more words

Westgate Towers Update


  • Preserving the historic towers
  • More room for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Cutting down on vehicle congestion


  • Increasing the amount of pollution
  • Potentially creating even more traffic…
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