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I was shocked to see graves under my feet

Tombs on cathedral floors…

I craned my neck to marvel at the grandeur of the Gothic 225-feet high western twin towers of the 700-year old Westminster Abbey. 688 more words


London, Monday, September 26 

Not sure what happened to my Monday post, so I’ll try to remember everything we did. Maybe it will turn up later. It was a big day for us. 780 more words


Life Jackets

Last week, when I attended evensong at Westminster Abbey, I saw this demonstration on parliament square:

I’m not sure whether to call it a piece of protest art or a publicity stunt, but it was certainly effective.  750 more words

Joy on the Tube

Very often, as busy people with busy lives, we find ourselves going from one occurrence to the other, carving out our own section of the world to eventually die in. 501 more words

Oh God Make Speed to Save Us

I have sometimes heard clergy suggest, perhaps in a vain attempt to get their congregations to be more than “Sunday” Christians, that they should come to church on Sunday morning exhausted from a week of living and spreading the good news, and that they should be revived and emboldened by the Eucharist and other things to go out and do the same in the week to come. 879 more words

A Mission of Repentance in the time of this terrible war

The Church’s response to the war, in the form of the National Mission, was attracting interest in central/east Berkshire.

The National Mission

Meetings for instruction and devotion are being arranged in various centres of the Rural Deanery. 1,353 more words

Life On The Home Front