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Scenes from Sicily

We were treated this morning to a virtual trip around Sicily when David Mowthorpe gave a presentation based on his visit to Inspector Montalbano’s stomping ground.  188 more words

Wrexham residents threaten V-Fest boycott after tents for homeless 'stolen'

Outraged residents of Wrexham are saying they’ll never attend V-Fest again after campaigners were prevented from collecting abandoned tents for redistribution to homeless people.

Campaigners from the group ‘ 330 more words

Anglian Helmet

This beautiful Anglian helmet is on display at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield.

This was the first Anglian helmet found in the UK, it may not be as well preserved as the Coppergate / York helmet or as ornate as the Sutton Hoo helmet but it is my favourite. 43 more words


This weekend just gone was the weekend me and my friends packed up and headed off to V Festival. For some of my friends it was their third year in a row of going, but for a couple of us it was our second year and for my boyfriend and his brother it was their first. 556 more words


Bronze Shield

A bronze age shield on display at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield.

Apparently this gorgeous shield was being used as a fire guard before ending up in the museum.

Meeting a Mummy

Sarcophagus on display at Weston Park Museum, Sheffield.

As a young child, in love with ancient Egypt and history in general, I never thought I’d be writing something like this. 294 more words

Weston Park

A day out in Sheffield!

Hey everyone!

So this week has been a weird one in that I have been in a bit of a limbo for most of it. The reason being I was waiting to hear when I would start my new job which meant I couldn’t really plan to do anything. 314 more words