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No. 1 Westview battles through 6-4 league-opening win over Southridge

Part of being a great team is winning when you don’t play your best.

No. 1 Westview (10-2, 1-0) did just that in a 6-4 win against Southridge (7-5, 0-1) in a windy Metro League opener on Tuesday night at Westview High School. 550 more words


Softball Photos: Southridge vs. No. 1 Westview

Photos from No. 1 Westview’s 6-4 win over Southridge to open Metro League play on Tuesday night. 13 more words


's Cool, "Girl"

She’s a network TV news vet who worked her way up from Channel One to the American Broadcasting Company (and back down again); who’s spent time in war zones and who even brokered the hostage swap that freed PFC Wally Winkerbean. 58 more words

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The shirt off your Batiuk

After teasing Bull with a free t-shirt on Tuesday, the EMU crew finally gets around to giving it to him in today’s strip. Bull is smart enough to thank them on behalf of the class, because there is no way the class is thanking these two shmucks after being belittled all week, not even for the free t-shirts (that they apparently have yet to receive). 112 more words

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Legere librum autem picturae, manducare panis cum liquamine atque caseus

Hodie Hauserit (Today’s Strip)
Shout out to Google Translate for giving cartoonists and bloggers alike the ability to communicate in a dead language using surely incorrect grammar. 164 more words

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Friday, Feb. 20

Today’s strip was not available for preview, but I’m sure it will involve the following, in some order:

– panel of EMU reps setting up a college-oriented gag… 44 more words

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Fast (schaden) Freude

The traveling green shirt lives up to its name in today’s strip, moving from a now unseen black student yesterday to Shermy and his crew cuttiest crew cut today. 147 more words

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