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60 for '16: Westview (Calif.) girls soccer midfielder Marley Canales

USA TODAY High School Sports is launching a series called “60 for ’16” to highlight 60 members of the Class of 2016 who we will be watching in the coming 12 months. 355 more words

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We Don't Call Him Batty For Nothing

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Hey gang, it is I, Epicus, ready to steer the S.S. SoSF through a magical journey where time and newsprint collide in a cavalcade of…well, not really. 206 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky


Harry suddenly seems confused and agitated and is speaking nonsensically, suggesting a neurological or psychotic event. Holly, rather than becoming alarmed, calmly and resignedly responds. She’s seen it before: not only for countless hours standing behind the counter as Harry guzzled free coffee and held court in Montoni’s, but even back in high school, where he was constantly doing weird shit like inviting the gang into his locker.

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Great Gig in the Sky

I’m a little late to today’s party and am as baffled as you at what’s happening here. But my first thought as I groggily read and re-read this was, … 27 more words

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Band of Old

“Nope, your Dad’s a terrible trombone player, Funky. But hey, d’you remember that back in January he was using a wheelchair to get around? Well, get a load of him now… 17 more words

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Gig Not-So-Young

Forget about the wacky plot development in today’s strip, which one commenter gave away a couple days ago and which most of you have seen coming…will ya check out the look that Les is giving his wife in panel 2?  45 more words

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'Nuts to You, Westview

Memo to future Westview High School Reunion Committees: do not let Barry Balderman recommend a DJ.

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July 5, 2015 at 11:41 pm…

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