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Freedom Lane: Chico Suave

Helen waited in line at the checkout counter of the supermarket. Rose had ran back into the store to get the box of cereal for Da’Quarius she had forgotten. 4,646 more words

Freedom Lane

5 Veggie Burgers You'd Give Up Meat For

Burgers are an American past time, they’re probably the most quintessentially American food out there, but what’s with the recent rise in veggie burger popularity? They’re just so damned good now, that’s what’s up. 529 more words

Round Ups

Let Me Explain

   Grab a coffee, take a seat and settle in… this is likely to be long winded. My hope in writing this, is to gain your understanding. 1,169 more words


Home for the Holidays

During the holidays I was invited to photograph my neighbors and their visiting family. These are the same wonderful people, that when my husband and I purchased our first home, they brought us a bottle of wine. 62 more words


Bloopers - So much Fun

Check out this Bloopers Album!

Kids are always so funny, unpredictable and honestly the best subjects to photograph… for this reason right here! This album is dedicated to the “Bloopers” from kids. 30 more words



I get older,

(and it’s insidious)

and I find that

the holidays

slip further

and further

from my grasp.

All the traditions,

the narratives of my youth, 93 more words