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Tea On The Green (Westward Ho!)

GRACE ♥♥♥♥♥

This little Hollywood themed café, with matching music, is down by the sea opposite Westward Ho!’s small green. Westward Ho! can come across a bit crass and commercialised, but with a lovely beach and warrens, and the better for not being run down, it’s not so bad. 163 more words

Cream Tea

Rock Pool Café

GRACE ♥♥♥♥♥

The Rock Pool is pleasantly decorated inside, with several outside tables; okay so it’s surrounded by car park, supermarket, pet, and hardware shops, but the road slopes down to a good enough glimpse of the sea and distant cliffs. 179 more words

Cream Tea

Uncle, Grandpa and The Boys: Cycling Clubs in the 1890s

To make up for the lack of recent posts on here, I thought I would upload a rather lengthy presentation which I recently did for a conference on Victorian studies. 3,105 more words



I was looking around at all that was familiar, at all that was home. I was taking in a landscape that was so close to me that it’s outline rarely ceases to leave my mind, yet it’s a scene that still excites me. 296 more words


What Is The Origin Of (71)?...

The exclamation mark

Other than the grocer’s apostrophe the one punctuation mark that seems to rouse the most feeling is the exclamation mark – you know the line atop a full stop – yes!, that one. 559 more words


Ho, Ho, Ho! #MySundayPhoto

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to live in North Wales. We spent nearly every holiday we had there when we were little. Living in the Midlands it was only a hop, skip and jump over to the most glorious beaches and amazing mountainous scenery. 245 more words


New gluten free menu at The Blue & Green, Westward Ho!

Taking giant bites from crisp, stone-baked gluten free pizza while watching the last of the winter winds whip up the Atlantic ocean in Westward Ho! – I think this could be my new favourite place. 730 more words

Gluten Free