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Preventing Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

While preparing to leave for work, I was watching the weather forecast and was astonished to see that the temperature will be in the 60’s this week! 333 more words


Gait on slippery floors.

You seem to see a glossy wetness to the tile floor ahead of you in the supermarket. Is that just a really polished floor or is that water? 139 more words

The Biggest Frustrations I had in 2014 pt 1 - House Problems

With so many troubles that we had to overcome in our lives, there are some that we just don’t have much control over.

I was able to deal with some crazy stuff this year, but there are a few problems that just urked me so frequently. 628 more words


The Floor by Blair Gaulton

The Floor
Water greased floor
glides people to door
run too fast
end up running into the glass.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton) Mar 2014

Blair Gaulton

Please Flush

Flush the toilet after use. See, we don’t want women thrashing us around because we didn’t. Just do it and HOPE it’s not a routine.

Caution: Wet Floor Notice

Made it!  No amount of viruses, buffering or general effing around should keep a good blogger down.

Or “real world” misfortunes.  I wish I could have a quid for every Wet Floor notice I’ve stumbled into in the last few weeks.   196 more words

Of routines and patterns

Short and sweet like Fridays should be …. There is a series of actions routine, habits call it what you may that you go over every day…. 175 more words