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Car Coating: Not "if" but "when"??

It is only a matter of “when” you will have your car coated.  Why? The evidence is in, wax is lousy and does more damage than provides protection.   487 more words

Car Coating

Blue Flame goes Camouflage

This video details the success of Blue Flame Treatment. The whole process is shown and explained.  Take a look if you want to see what everyone is talking about. 10 more words

Car Coating

Proof, Blue Flame is the Best

At Sierra Glow we love to tinker.  Putting together experiments that show customers why they should use Blue Flame is one of our greatest joys.  Although most customers just take a look at the finished product (a friend’s car), and they are sold on the rewards for choosing Blue Flame.   125 more words

Car Coating

We call it "mirror sharp reflection."

Although both of these car are clearly “mirror sharp reflection” this is truly the real thing.  Our use of the term “mirror sharp reflection” is an accurate description of the effect that Sierra Glow creates with our car coating technique.   250 more words

Car Coating

Another Sierra Glow First

An amazing company with amazing results, that is Sierra Glow.  When we started we were the first to introduce inorganic car coating.  That was a first.   102 more words

Car Coating

Grime: Cosmetics & Cars

This is a second article regarding the cosmetic industry and the car detailing business.  Both are trying to take care of a surface…face or car body.   572 more words

Car Coating

Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - Love Song (Countdown)

I know it’s Love Song again. But it’s Countdown. It’s Oz…and Boy with the man-bag and looking ridiculously uber cool and sexy as fuck!

And next week’s Kerrsday Thursday I’ll be back in Blighty, freezing my tits off (which I kind of prefer anyway! 56 more words