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Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - Love Song (Countdown)

I know it’s Love Song again. But it’s Countdown. It’s Oz…and Boy with the man-bag and looking ridiculously uber cool and sexy as fuck!

And next week’s Kerrsday Thursday I’ll be back in Blighty, freezing my tits off (which I kind of prefer anyway! 56 more words

Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - Fantastic Action...

A fantastic action shot from Kevin Cummins of Sir Kerr in those glorious, glorious boots! Man, I wish I knew what happened to those boots, I’d buy them! 16 more words

Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - The Cherubic Devil

This picture really is becoming an absolute favourite. It is just SUCH a perfect blend of “butter wouldn’t melt” and “I am going to give you a damn good seeing to!” (Well, perhaps in one’s dreams – and maybe not ogling the Boy at 21 when at 45 – what can I say? 13 more words

Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - Celebrate (Sexiness!)

And after the topless affair…let’s continue the “sex” and just enjoy Boy in leathers and boots and that slick back hair and those snake hips and…just…drool. 8 more words

Kerrsday Thursday - SBH - Topless Wonder 

And now it is time in proceedings for some shirtless action. Yep, this pic never gets old, either.

Hot dang! Phwoar! etc…

Ahem!!! As you were…