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Beyond Drismal

Sunday: The usual capricious forecast: rain at eleven, it says, but even by nine as I’m slipping on the muddy path beside the Crowhurst Powdermill Stream, my binocular eye-pieces are spotted with drizzle-drops. 468 more words

Fritchie Marsh Creation and Terracing

A significant portion of the Fritchie Marsh was lost due to
Hurricane Katrina. Post storm shallow open water areas
dominate the landscape which limits the effectiveness of the… 315 more words


The Wet Prairies of Florida

We had a good start to 2018 after getting a chance to explore the Everglades and Cypress swamps of south Florida. Home to alligators, anacondas and hundreds of species of birds and insects, these wet-prairie ecosystems of Florida feature a great variety of wildlife. 532 more words


The wetter the better: Benton County aims to restore hydrology and habitat at Jackson-Frazier

To fully appreciate what makes Jackson-Frazier Wetland special, it helps to look at a map.

Viewed this way, it quickly becomes clear that the 147-acre Benton County natural area is wedged between two highways and bracketed by farmland and residential tracts. 18 more words

Albany Democrat Herald

Comparative Macrophyte Diversity of Waterbodies in the Central European landscape


Kateřina Bubíková, Richard Hrivnák

Freshwaters are currently one of the most threatened habitats and many studies have focused on their plant species diversity. However, information regarding the contribution of various waterbody types to macrophyte diversity is either lacking or focused on Western Europe. 139 more words