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Tuesday morning after our last “round” of morning sex before I had to leave…

Alaska: I’ve literally spent the last day trying to fuck the wetness out of you and you just don’t stop! 42 more words


beantown haiku 251

wetness in the air / paper fishes floating by / they stick like greyness



Splat! Upon my hood, winds shake raindrops from overarching maples. I stop in my tracks, the sleeves of my slicker glistening with wetness like tears filming the eyes of a new mother. 109 more words


When will the rain come?

This question came to me -great zamboni- by way of a visit paid me by a very green grasshopper who alighted upon my window last night. 12 more words

Pokey Lafarge

Between the shadows and the light

The night time played tricks with his mind
he wasn’t sure where she was
struggling to find her
then suddenly he awoke
in the middle of his dream… 163 more words



Forgiveness is a mercy
I go live under a wet stone
a salamander with fire on my back
an afterimage of memory
I will never know… 29 more words


Wondering About Wetness

In a discussion a while back I mentioned in passing that humans sense wetness and time. That was challenged on the basis that we don’t sense time at all and — when it comes to wetness — sense only pressure and temperature. 1,217 more words