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I have never struggled to sleep. On the contrary actually, I find it rather difficult to stay awake most of the time.

Lately, or rather the last year or so, I have struggled with sleeping. 187 more words


Midnight Oil

Once upon a night in the heat of Texas

he planted his wetness at various levels deep inside mine

His gentle motions

the pressure

Popped the cork and my lips poured forth the wine.


The disadvantage with too much wetness

Before I had kids, I disliked sex so much. SO SO MUCH. I kid you not. It felt like a chore for me and my body agreed. 719 more words


the pote

what seemed unimaginable
the lock
as if there were difference
or no dancing
inside unseen and wet
they’ve wed
fed in cyclical soaking
the dam
and the water kept


What is that, wet?

One of the most real, shared experiences that we have as humans is non-existent in the true sense of cause-and-effect reality. The sense of wetness. 474 more words


Uncharacteristic Wetness

Over and over, day after day, waves of precipitation have been┬ádumping rain on top of the rain from the day before. Even though we might get a couple of dry days every so often between the waves, it hasn’t been enough time for the ground to drain. 188 more words



Wetness saturates the air with droplets. Overhanging maples, with run-off teased by breezes, splatter upon my slicker. Around me, shrubs pay homage to the once cracked ground, oozing underfoot and chilling my sandaled-toes. 186 more words