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Wondering About Wetness

In a discussion a while back I mentioned in passing that humans sense wetness and time. That was challenged on the basis that we don’t sense time at all and — when it comes to wetness — sense only pressure and temperature. 1,217 more words


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Male smells have tendency to be stronger and more defined. As men tend to sweat more than women and therefore men require a deodorant that is more powerful than that of… 241 more words

Methods Schmidts Natural Deodorant Cedarwood Juniper AllDay Protection Wetness

* Open wounds are best not treated with juniper because it can cause discomfort and swelling.

Botanically speaking, the juniper berry is not an actual fruit but the… 316 more words

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Many consumers seek skin care products that contain natural and organic ingredients. When using products made with artificial preservatives, these chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. 332 more words


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The executive protection services industry is an organic industry, and as such all professional bodyguard training needs to be refreshed, updated and re-certified frequently.

However be advised, extremely high risk bodyguard… 174 more words


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BENEFITS: Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Anti-spasmodic, Astringent, Deodorizing, Therapeutic

Bergamot essential oil is used in commercial and homemade skin care products. Use it for making homemade soap, homemade lotion, creams or other toiletries. 220 more words


Ten minutes from home. Roiling clouds obscure the afternoon sun. A breeze from the south assuages the nape of my neck, sticky with perspiration. Mist befogs my glasses, moistens my cheeks. 103 more words