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Nobody will even notice!

“Nobody will even notice!”…someone said to me when I told them I was going to have to learn how to swim at a local pool in my new Orca wetsuit. 550 more words


I am one with ORCA

Somewhere along the way last year, I decided that I wanted to do a sprint tri in open water. That meant 2 things for me: learn how to swim better and then purchase & learn how to swim in a wetsuit. 1,116 more words


Global Diving Wetsuits Market 2016 Industry Study, Trends, Development, Growth, Overview, Insights and Outlook

Factors such as the present market scenario, key players, future growth possibilities, areas of coverage, key trends, and competitors are considered to study any given global market. 111 more words

Limestone vs. Petroleum neoprene- why Limestone wins

First and foremost, Ride Engine is not going to “greenwash” our Neoprene story. We are realistic in the notion that it is impossible to build action sports gear without impacting the environment in a negative way, and wetsuits are no exception to this. 462 more words


Money, priorities, and things

With the weather last weekend I couldn’t get a wetsuit – but it’s coming. I’ll have it soon but I do have some guilt, or at least some angst, about spending money on this. 313 more words


What's in a Ride Engine Suit?

First and foremost, Ride Engine’s complete line of men’s and women’s wetsuits are built from the highest-quality limestone-based neoprene.

In short, calcium carbonate from limestone is extracted and converted into the chloroprene rubber chips that make the core of any neoprene suit. 560 more words


Our "No Greenwashing" policy

The term “Green” gets thrown around pretty liberally these days as a corporate moniker and marketing ploy for being environmentally friendly. While reducing our environmental impact as much as possible is absolutely at the core of Ride Engine, we are not a company that “greenwashes” or stretches the truth to make ourselves seem more appealing. 166 more words