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Worked for a few hours until the snow got really bad. Ended up working on the blog and editing my birthday weekend video from October.

Project 365

How Bad Do You Want It?

Good morning, team!  It’s a gorgeous, snow-filled day here in Denver.  Unfortunately, with the amount of ice and snow on he roads, the news recommended that we stay at home… so working from home a second day this week is in the books. 112 more words

Weeknote 4/2015

It’s been a while since the last time I provided an update, here’s a quick summary…

Pic of the week

What have I been up to? 379 more words


Working from home: Love it, or loathe it?

If you’re familiar with the acronym WFH, you’re probably also familiar with working from your own home.

Working where I do, it’s actually encouraged to work from home at least one day a week. 1,421 more words


Is it OK To Allow Data Scientists / IT Engineers to Work from Home

Operating a company or having a business needs some technical expertise that you cannot otherwise seek around.  The technological talents and skills are sometimes hard to find or at some point need to be done when hiring cycles would not help fix your problem.  308 more words


Why working from home (WFH) rocks

  1. I can wear house pants every single day, just like my days as a lady of leisure
  2. I can also wear house socks or slippers, skipping uncomfortable heels…
  3. 78 more words
Slightly Amusing

Working (myself up) from home

Oh, the joys of working single motherhood. Unfamiliar? It goes a little something like this:

You cancel, early on Sunday, the sitter who would’ve given you three hours of me-time (honestly you’d have used it to schlep the pile of “sick laundry” to the laundromat) only to end up with a child who seemed perfectly fine the rest of the day and who had an uneventful night and morning (another snow day aka forced-to-work-from-home-thanks-for-the-germs-and-being-closed-wimpy-preschool day)…only to watch the same child slowly crumple into a listless pile, clearly still a bit sick as the day wore on, so staying home turned out to be smart after all…only to hop on a ONE HOUR client presentation call where you have ONE (1) powerpoint slide to read and during the sixty SECONDS it takes to set up and read this slide, this precise moment when you are sharing the marketing genius that is your idea with the client who is partly paying your bills, this is when your preschooler suddenly rushes by you on her way to the bathroom where she proceeds to bring up the only thing you manged to get her to eat today – and you had to SPOON feed her at that – so that you are presenting your genius to the soundtrack of loud upchucking, unable to do anything but continue reading and even ask if anyone has questions before putting the phone on mute and rushing off to hold your heaving child’s body. 54 more words