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Introducing My World

4,5 tahun di luar negeri, absen dari kegiatan Marching Band, ternyata ngga bikin Maman lupa sama kegiatan favorit ini. Dulu sebelum ke Pakistan, Maman aktif sebagai pemain dan update tentang berita dan info terbaru baik dari lokal maupun internasional. 240 more words

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Botswana in the 21st Century

Botswana has been one of the role models for economic development despite unfavourable geographic conditions (landlocked, tropical climate) since it gained independence from Britain in 1965. 2,551 more words

Country Studies

WGI Trip to Dayton, Ohio

For the seventh time, I made the annual trip to Dayton, Ohio to watch & participate in Winter Guard International Championships. I knew what to expect for the most part, but I’ve always gone with a different group of people doing a different show so there are always surprises that make every trip special. 1,204 more words


Performance Journal: WGI World Class Finals

Performance Journal: Finals
Fact: performing in 14th place (being the second to go on) is a lot less stressful than performing in 8th, which was our placement last year. 220 more words


(Healthy) Food Packing list for WGI Dayton

If you’re anything like me, the annual road trip to WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio is a week of excitement but also a lot of unhealthy stress. 551 more words


Performance Journal: WGI Southeastern Regional Championships at UCF

The last Orlando show of the 2016 season, and definitely one of the most important ones. This was my 6th UCF regional, and now that I go to UCF I was very comfortable making my way around. 378 more words


Performance Journal: FFCC Freedom

Just another circuit show? One of the more “circuity” shows just because of the population of obnoxious high schoolers and how cramped it was in the gym! 446 more words