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Directional Menswear | Georgina Atkinson | Level 5

My directional menswear project is based on the WGSN theme Nocturne and the designer menswear brand I have chosen is Adamist. I chose this brand and trend as I thought they worked well together. 88 more words


Directional Menswear Concept | Abi Farquhar | Level 5

“I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them” – Jackson Pollock

The directional menswear brand I have chosen to design for is Songzio. This is a Korean brand that a read an article about in GQ magazine ‘Songzio is the Korean brand bringing you wearable art’. 101 more words


Eccentric Blends: Catwalk Report

The Eccentric Blends trend, analysed on WGSN, seems to reaffirm my primary research and fits with the macro-environmental trends I have listed previously.

The key features of this trend are: 231 more words

Directional Menswear Concept | Lauren O'Leary | Level 5

For the directional menswear module I am looking at the WGSN Trend Design Matters, I was drawn to this trend because of the colour palette which includes a lot of pastel colours but ‘Greys remain key’. 191 more words


Research and Development- Second Brief

For our second brief we were asked to create an outfit, looking at one era and trend forecasts for spring/ summer 2017, taking elements from each in order to create garments. 408 more words


Six Hours in N.Y.C.

What’s better than passing through New York City on your way to Pennsylvania? Going to New York City for a full six hours with my school. 509 more words