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Cancer prevention and control: Which policies and programmes have best driven progress?

Talking Points for Director General of Health, Malaysia at the WHO Technical Briefing on the occasion of the 68th World Health Assembly

“Cancer prevention and control: Which policies and programmes have best driven progress?” 820 more words

Non-communicable Disease

This Week - 68th World Health Assembly - Follow events!

The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the largest health policy meeting in the world and the supreme decision-making body of the World Health Organization. Held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, the decisions and outcomes from WHA guide the health agenda around the world that could impact your health in the future. 138 more words

World Bank

The Quatermass Experiment (1955) - Diabolical blancmange.

That last screencap sums it up.  There are charms here:  the alien, starved & weeping as he stumbles through the English countryside, cradling the suppurating cactus that was his arm…  The special effects sequence that obviously lit a fire under Kubrick for 2001…  And basically every English actor excepting the main character, just for the expressiveness the lighting brings to their faces. 82 more words

Don (Smokey) McLeod

Donald Martin McLeod
Born: August 24, 1946 (Trail, British Columbia)
Died: March 11, 2015 (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia)

Don (Smokey) McLeod stood out as a character even by the eccentric standards of the fraternity of hockey goaltenders. 1,331 more words

The Ukok Princess

………sensitive to the touch, unfeeling much…?

A finger print identified out of a million mosquitos

And you tattooed your prey on the wall, so it deliberately felt like… 186 more words