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and I would both come home from school, do our homework, mess around on the violin, then surf the World Wide Web, update our websites, catch more waves, then AIM one another from two different time zones, 765.7 miles between us. 601 more words

What Makes Me Smile by jeandenise

When I see the Sun
up in the sky
And when the rays
They glisten off your eyes

And when your eyes
Yeah when your eyes meet mine… 133 more words


7 Reasons Massaging Your Baby is the Best

Despite being very common in other cultures for centuries, infant massage has only been gaining popularity in the United States since the early 90’s. Among the myriad benefits of massaging your baby, here are my top favorite. 663 more words

Twenty-Two Character Questions

  1.  What was his family life growing up?
  2. Was he well-liked at school?
  3. What was high school and college like for him?
  4. What kinds of grades did he get?
  5. 311 more words

The Jets Dilemma: to Buff or not to Buff...by Geoff Brookes

** Geoff wrote this yesterday, hours before the Jets were hammered by a score of 7-0 against Nashville.**

© Geoff Brookes

It’s different this year. 968 more words

Winnipeg Jets

my body is weird.

The most bizarre thing just happened to me. Even sweet Fogg is perturbed.  I’m dying to tell someone about it, because it’s horrifying and awesome all at once. 38 more words


WHA's Happening

It’s monday. Back to work and back to adding to my WHA sets.

There are 4 stand along WHA OPC sets along with the poster insert in the 1973-74 OPC Base set. 44 more words