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Summer Must-Go: Cebu, Philippines

It wouldn’t be called Queen of the Southern Philippine Islands if it does not possess the unparalleled beauty typical for a royal seductress – mesmerizing, captivating, one you can’t help but gaze. 1,356 more words

Sharks Protest Human Stereotypes

Our correspondent, Maurice Mako, is off the coast of Australia attending the annual Sharkmania Festival. The festival is a celebration of all things shark. All types of sharks are welcome. 502 more words


Whale Shark Watching, Tan-Awan Oslob

I was so happy in finally meeting these beautiful gentle giants unexpectedly. Funny because I have been thinking about this for months and planning how I can see these whales on a budget and second, if I was to travel with a companion or not. 660 more words


Overweight whale shark objects to his species name

An overweight whale shark has openly questioned the entire naming process of animals, accusing scientists of leaving him open to bullying from other species and, among other things, an underactive thyroid. 169 more words


Swimming with whale sharks in Mafia Island

Swimming with whale sharks in Tanzania was always going to sound like a dive of epic proportions.

This encounter would eclipse the time I swam with whale sharks off the coast of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea. 1,194 more words



A few weeks ago, our school in Busan informed us that we would be able to leave our contract a week earlier than we originally thought. 1,735 more words


Top 10 Animals You Must See During Your Trip To Mexico

From the harsh deserts of northern Mexico to the rocky mountains and the humid jungle of the south, Mexico has a climate that houses all kinds of varied species. 1,063 more words