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The Sounds From The Mariana Trench Are Haunting And Erie

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean, about six and a half miles below sea level off the coast of Japan. The trench is an area where monsters are commonplace, the anglerfish and deep sea squid lurk there. 194 more words

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World Whale Day

February 13th is World Whale Day

In honor of this day, and in hopes of bringing awareness to the plight of these intelligent mammals, here are a few links that may interest you: 30 more words


What whale songs can tell us about art.

From a fantastic article on whale songs, this great quote (emphasis mine):

Whale song has artistic elements beyond simple communication of information. For example, since each whale theme ends with consistent final sounds, the phrases can be said to “rhyme” in a way akin to human poetry.

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