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What whale songs can tell us about art.

From a fantastic article on whale songs, this great quote (emphasis mine):

Whale song has artistic elements beyond simple communication of information. For example, since each whale theme ends with consistent final sounds, the phrases can be said to “rhyme” in a way akin to human poetry.

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Music-a world far bigger than humans!

Listen to the following commentary about the song of humpback whales  and the human sound pollution of our oceans.  Do you think it matters how much sound pollution we litter our common world with from the airways to the waterways.   416 more words


Ray and whales??????

Our home is a single level structure with a basement where Ray is prevented, by a gate, from exploring. It’s not that there is anything down there that is “dog sensitive”, but simply that his approach to going down a set of stairs is rather reckless. 570 more words

Dog Stories

whale song

I woke up this morning in the still-darkness of night. My cat, Viscosa, was meowing and crying from the loft for some attention. She’s made a new home up there because it is not exactly safe on the main-floor with Henry. 736 more words


Whale Songs

Been absent for awhile from posting here. Was convicted that I did not simply want to blather. In the interim I’ve been contemplating voice. Specifically, I’ve wondered if anyone can really have a unique voice, you know that mysterious element agents are all looking for in our manuscripts. 721 more words


Is whale talk just too complicated for us humans?

Watch and listen to this fantastic u tube video and ask yourself, do you believe like some scientists that these are just random sounds, or could whale speech be just to complicated for us to understand?

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