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‘Whale Wars’ producer sacrifices for work he believes in

As Gavin Garrison lies half asleep shivering and hungry inside a 4-by-7-foot boat cabin waiting to shoot the next segment of “Whale Wars” in the waters of the Antarctic Ocean, the life of a documentary producer doesn’t seem glamorous. 258 more words

Doug Thompson

"Extinction is Forever": Not a Tagline

The beauty in our lives is disappearing. But I say let’s do what we can do. There are many who feel the hopelessness of it. I feel it too. 628 more words


"How to Change the World" - Sundance 2015 Film Review

How to Change the World

Sundance Film Festival 2015, Best of Fest

Ostensibly a documentary about the founding, development, and ultimate fracturing of the Greenpeace organization, … 198 more words

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Sea Shepherd Gone to Far?

Today, my husband and I were watching Whale Wars on Animal Planet. I believe in protecting the whales and in what the conservation society does on most shows. 172 more words


Protesters in contempt of court for anti-whaling campaign

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Radical environmentalists who threw acid and smoke bombs at Japanese whalers were found in contempt of court for continuing their relentless campaign to disrupt the annual whale hunt off the waters of Antarctica. 565 more words


Press Release: Animal Planet Takes Questers of the Animal Kingdom on a Cute, Wild, and Touching Month-Long Freeview, December 1-January 4

TORONTO (November 6, 2014) – How glorious is it to study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature?  Welcome to Animal Planet’s backyard jungle!  From  184 more words