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The Whale Wars Are Over

….for now, anyway.

This morning, the International Court of Justice ruled in Australia’s favor in a suit against Japan’s “scientific” whaling program in the Antarctic. The… 523 more words

Sea Shepherd

UN Court Bans Japanese Whaling in the Antarctic! The Whales Win!

Oh Happy Days! The UN International Court of Justice in a 12-4 Decision has ruled that Japans annual whale slaughter in the Antarctic is not for scientific purposes as they claim, and thus violates international law and must be stopped. 76 more words


Great News, For Now

The ruling today, from the International Court of Justice, that Japan must cease its whaling in the Antarctic is great news for the whales. The fly in the ointment, isn’t there always one, is that the ban is temporary. 122 more words


The Free Willy Effect: Perspective and Time in the Anti-Captivity Movement

Almost all animal and anti-captivity advocates are aware of what has been called the “Blackfish Effect” – the advocacy efforts that have come as a result of the documentary “Blackfish.” The term itself developed in the lead up to the CNN Films documentary push for an Oscar nomination – but has also taken on a life of it’s own by grassroots advocates. 832 more words

Social Justice


Last week C bought me an Xbox One as a present.  Not as a birthday present (that’s on Halloween), not as a Christmas present (that’s in December) and not as an anniversary present (that’s…ahhh…well, we haven’t settled on a date for that yet) but just as a “it’s a Thursday and we are in Target” present. 1,203 more words


The "Blackfish" Backlash

For those readers who haven’t seen the documentary “Blackfish” a film featured on CNN and recently nominated by the British Academy Film Awards for best documentary. 353 more words

Marine Conservation