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Meet Fife, the Spartan Killer Whale


Killer whales (orcinus orca) play a vital role in the oceans as one of earth’s top marine predators. Also one of the most social animals in the world, the intelligent whales travel in pods and communicate through underwater sounds. 122 more words

Corvallis High

Fin Whale

We went on a nature cruise in Rausu, Hokkaido a few days ago and from a distance saw a huge whale called Fin Whale. At 19 cm long, it is supposed to be the second largest species. 80 more words


Second Endangered Whale Washes Up On Bay Area Beach

BOLINAS (CBS SF) — The carcass of an endangered fin whale, the second in a week, has washed up on a Northern California beach, Marine Mammal Center officials announced Thursday. 382 more words


02/02/18: Wikie the Talking Whale

This week, I heard that a killer whale had learnt to talk. Insane, I thought, and, somewhat naively, I wondered what this whale would say with its newfound voice. 539 more words