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Angela’s Visual Art – Painting – Create a body of work

Whale tail with barnacles
Title ‘Whale Tales’
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
The symbiotic relationship between a barnacle and a whale is known as commensalism, which describes an inter-species interaction that benefits at least one participant. 39 more words

The Qatar A380 + Dreamliner Experience

It’s been sooo long since I last wrote!  Well, it’s because I’ve been travelling quite a bit…

So, what better way to restart my blogging, than to write about “Qatar”! 221 more words


While on the Passing Cloud we saw Humpback whales many times.

This one was seen in Louscoone Inlet for about an hour – it was slapping its pectoral fins on the water surface for long periods, punctuated by the occasional dive and a couple of breaches. 86 more words


Whale sighting (inland)

video description: a dark, black and white, unstable shot of a grassy horizon. Something is just visible moving just beyond the horizon. It bobs and sways up and down, before “breaching”, as if it were a large marine mammal, and disappearing for good below the horizon. 9 more words


How ‘Alfred’ the prehistoric whale could solve an evolutionary mystery

Alfred is a fossil of one of the earliest relatives of today’s baleen whales… Yet it doesn’t have baleen.

Published: SBS Science, 30/11/16


List of animals I want to see in my lifetime


I am a self-confessed wildlife lover… I believe I have made this clear in my previous posts and in my continued addiction to the Nat Geo, Discovery, and BBC channels. 1,308 more words

Nitten Nair

Managing To Sleep

“It is a curious thing,” he thought, “when someone is unable to sleep.”

He had been dozing fitfully in the blue whale’s ear for nearly two weeks now, and yet the funneling effect in the auditory canal of this titanic mammal meant that even a tuna’s whisper became amplified to sibilant marine death plots. 337 more words