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Whale Tackles Reagan

Whale is back at work in Penguin Press, leaving Hot Dog to enjoy the trip at Bloomsbury with her mates. He is busy gossiping with a coworker! 276 more words


Whale Sheet Set - Platinum

Queen Sheets
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Hand Dyed Tranquillity Queen Sheet Set In Soft Tie Dye Colors – Psychedelic… FREE Printable Star Wars® Coloring Sheets Crib Sheet Tutorial… 24 more words

Georgetown to McClellanville

It took me a moment to realize what we were doing.  We planned to depart Georgetown that morning and travel to McClellanville

It struck us as very odd  – given that my dad’s name is George McClellan! 425 more words

What Was That?!

Alright! I know its been over a week if not two and going on to a third since the last post, so thank you for waiting patiently. 118 more words

Digital Art

SEE IT: Air 11 spots whale off Long Island coast

ATLANTIC BEACH — A whale was spotted off the coast of Long Island Tuesday morning, according to video captured by Air 11.

The cetacean was swimming near Atlantic Beach on the south shore of Long Island. 19 more words


Tea and Lentils

Bloomsbury has opened it’s doors to a school visit from Fox Primary School. Jack, Hot Dog and Fat Pig are standing together in a group of overeager children excited about the trip. 242 more words


Marmalade Sandwiches

Whale’s breakfast is a measly marmalade sandwich and he is pondering over his coworker’s lunch – a submarine sandwich.

Whale: How do you get the time to make that everyday? 244 more words