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Final Thoughts From the Van

I think Scott Walker’s face would make a great Halloween mask.  Where is Leatherface when you need him?  Wouldn’t the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre be way better if Scott Walker was the one running down the road at the end of the movie while Leatherface swung the chainsaw over his head?  32 more words

Daily Spitpaint - "Out of Reach"

Today’s 30 minute drawing for Daily Spitpaint under the topic “Out of Reach”. I’m a bit of a sucker for small detail, so if you can’t make it out, it’s 2 guys trying to reach the trapdoor in the top of the box.


What a Fluke - Citizen Scientists Sight Whale Species First for Europe

Last week, two friends enjoying a beach-walk in the Isles of Scilly saw an unusual-looking whale not far off the shore.  They quickly used their mobile phone to take some photos, and noted down the relevant sighting details.  835 more words


Kickstarter: The Lonliest Whale

One way I pass time on a slow day is to peruse some of the projects looking for funding on Kickstarter. While it’s often a hobby that can be hard on my wallet (seriously, there’s so much neat stuff), I occasionally stumble across projects that really connect with me on a more emotional level. 216 more words

52 Hertz Whale

Best gifts 2014: Humpback Whale Knife

Humpback Whale KnifeThe Kujira Whale Knives are hand forged Multi Purpose Utility knives that have a High Carbon White Steel #2 inner core with a “Kurouchi” Black Forged finish and handle. 26 more words

Best Gifts 2014

If you want to know just how much we love you, Count all the waves in the sea.


If you want to know just how much we love you, Count all the waves in the sea.


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