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Paddle Boarder's Close Encounter With Orca

No, this isn’t SeaWorld…and that is NOT Shamu. This is REAL LIFE!

What would you do if you were just paddle boarding away, minding your own business, and this curious thing swam up to check you out. 48 more words


Humans Abuse on Animals

I’m self-proclaimed SeaWorld’s biggest enemy. If you haven’t had a chance to watch Black Fish, I highly recommend it. One of my main beliefs in life is that it is important to be well aware of what is going on around us. 322 more words


Whales and Rhinos

While whales are no longer found in Africa (see my Whales in Africa post), Rhinos are still there but struggling. So it was nice to come across this article entitled “ 37 more words


Reading Light Language--The Arcturians 5-25-15

Dear Arcturians,

I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember, can you complete the message? Also, can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings in the deep ocean? 1,923 more words


19 minke whales hunted off Tohoku coast (Japan)

Thursday, 28th, 2015. SENDAI – A nonprofit organization engaging in coastal whaling said it hunted 19 minke whales off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture this year, the lowest number since the whaling for research purposes started there in 2003. 205 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

• Whale washes ashore in 12th recent death in California

This is addition to all the sea life deaths, illnesses, and anomalies,  from sea stars and sea jellies, to starving seal, sea lion pups, pelicans, and sea birds, to crashing sardine and oyster populations. 397 more words