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Debriefing with Dolphins

I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, to mull over a summer past, until I saw it from the air. A great dark mass bulging from the water, narrated by the strong white noise of a purring engine and spinning propeller. 3,020 more words

Natural History

Whales and their parasites, new study

This video from the USA says about itself:

Parasite Found In House Cats Showing Up In Arctic Whales

15 February 2014

Researchers believe an influx of…

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EPISODE #29: Rowdy Whales For Your Home


“This is my simple religion.” once preached the Dalai Lama. “There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is Discharge.” 102 more words


30ft dead minke whale washed up on Cleethorpes beach could be reclaimed by sea (North East Lincolnshire, UK)

November 27th, 2015 (Grimsby telegraph). The 30ft dead minke whale (Ed Sibylline : fin whale) that washed up on Cleethorpes beach has been swept away by the overnight tide. 110 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

Antarctica: The time I got lucky!

Patience is one of the biggest things I have learned while taking pictures in past few years. Some of my best shots have come when most people around have packed there bags and have left! 1,971 more words


Database of Whale Tails

New-to-Me: Did you know there was a database of whale tails? And it’s getting an upgrade “ Yeo has focused primarily on marine biology and oceanography while at COA. 98 more words

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