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WHALES (2017)

Watercolor painting, 11″ x 15″.

The baby whale which has a darker color is a cover up for a simple fish I didn’t like. 30 more words

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Blue Whales in Montego Bay!

The San Francisco Chronicle reports The largest animal on planet Earth, blue whales, and the second-largest animal, fin whales, are swimming in the Monterey Bay in large numbers.

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Plankton decline hits marine food chain

DW_Plankton is the basis for the entire marine food web – and it is under threat. From the Mediterranean to the Pacific, animals have been struggling to survive, due apparently to changes with plankton. 763 more words

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This Could Be The Worst Possible News of All!

Blue whales display an unexpected kind of "ambidextrousness" while on the hunt

Blue whales don’t have hands, so they can’t technically be ambidextrous. But just like humans, and lots of other animals, they do have a lateralization bias, or a tendency to favor a particular side. 337 more words

Magazine: Perihelion SF, Sep 2016

I pull over onto the shoulder of the desert highway.  The county Sheriff is waiting for me.

He rolls down his window and points into the desert as I walk over.  850 more words

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867 5309... Krilling me softly with Whale Song


Changes to ecosystems represent a threat to human health. (20) The marine ecosystem is polluted with 8 000 000 000 kilograms of plastic per year. 1,617 more words