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Alaska Inside Passage ~ September 6 - 13, 2014

Although Trey and I wanted to see Alaska, it was not on our original wish list of sites and landmarks to visit during our six-month journey. 1,259 more words


How do marine mammals avoid the bends ? Study offers new hypothesis, highlights role that sonar plays in strandings

April 25th, 2018. Deep-diving whales and other marine mammals can get the bends—the same painful and potentially life-threatening decompression sickness that strikes scuba divers who surface too quickly. 665 more words

Endangered Biodiversity

Two YouTube Videos

This is the introduction for the first video

This is the introduction for the second video


Under the Sun and Unicorns - Blogging from A to Z

Hi everyone, I’m back again!

Today we are featuring two books on this blog that feature the letter U!

First up we have We Are One… 140 more words


Half A Dozen Narwhals

Hello!  I am still here.  I have not disappeared or abandoned my blogs.  I have simply been wall-to-wall busy doing things that are not worth blogging about even if I had had time for writing a blog post.  286 more words