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To Become A Whale: Book Review

To label the novel, To Become A Whale a ‘coming of age story’ doesn’t do it justice. It’s so much more than that. Sublimely and sensitively written, this book is an impressive debut for Australian author, … 649 more words

Book Review

My 2016 Project

Originally posted on Blogger on 4 November 2016

I’ve written in a variety of styles and genres. Memoir, free verse, prose poetry, novel, short stories. I’ve written on a variety of topics. 609 more words


"Welcome Boys, to the Nantucket Sleigh Ride!"

Originally posted on Blogger on 21 February 2016

In honour of Owen Chase, Thomas Nickerson, Benjamin Lawrence, Thomas Chappel, Seth Weeks, William Wright, Charles Ramsdell, and George Pollard, Jr – the survivors of theĀ  6,650 more words


International Voyages!

It’s conference week at Gazette665, but we wanted to keep to the schedule and tradition by sharing something about 19th Century Maritime and whaling this Wednesday. 678 more words

19th Century American Maritime

The Golden Age & Decline Of American Whaling?

The mid-19th Century marks a “Golden Age” in the American whaling industry. Hundreds of ships roamed the seas, searching farther and farther for their valuable prey. 779 more words

19th Century American Maritime

New Bedford - The 19th Century American Whaling Capital

Last week we mentioned that Nantucket didn’t dominate the market for the entire era of American Whaling. In fact, during the “Golden Age” of American Whaling, the port city of New Bedford got the place of prominence in money making and records. 812 more words

19th Century American Maritime

Whales, Nantucket Island, & The Quakers

Last week we talked about the earliest beginnings of the American whaling industry during the Colonial Period, including off-shore whaling. At the end of that blog post, I promised to spend the next article in the series discussing Nantucket and the Quakers. 1,252 more words

19th Century American Maritime