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American Idol Stars Bleed Country In Wicked Tribute To Chris Stapleton

This reunion was more epic than anyone could have imagined and showed everyone what kind of impromptu magic can happen when you put three incredibly bright minds in a room together! 179 more words

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The Life of Roxanne

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up surrounded by the DJ and breakdancing community in mid-1990s uptown New York City. 140 more words


What Are You Listening To?

It’s another Friday afternoon, and thus another time for a thread in which readers are encouraged to educate and entertain each other with fresh musical ideas. 10 more words

What Are You Listening To?

Yes, animals, it’s time for another Friday afternoon thread wherein we share info about the cool tunes on our devices and in our heads. Go to it, please; I’ll ask the Stones to warm us up. 6 more words

What Are You Listening To?

Okay, it’s time for our semi-regular Friday feature wherein readers share musical discoveries with each other. Go to it!

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What Are You Listening To?

It’s Friday afternoon, and thus an appropriate time for another open thread where readers are encouraged to share musical finds with each other, and generally talk about tunes. 9 more words