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What Are YOU Listening To?

I’m a failure… I can’t get anything right… I should stop trying… those words revolve around my brain like a song on repeat. I’m so stupid… how could I be such an idiot… all I do is make mistakes… 1,604 more words

"Back in the day...", and other myths.

It suits the vanity of older generations to imagine that younger generations “haven’t lived”. We/they (for I would begin to class myself as being a bit older nowadays) simultaneously believe it was better, but also harder when we were young. 738 more words


What Have Your Been Listening To Lately?

Let’s talk about music! (And podcasts, if you like.) We recommend books and TV shows to each other all the time, but I want some music recs from you guys too! 33 more words


Top 5 Tuesday: So Sleep Deprived

Yesterday I may have emptied a bag of kettle corn inside my car.

I may have come home to find a load of laundry from Sunday sitting in the washer and smelling like a combination of swamp, blue cheese, sweat, and the compost bin that time we missed garbage day and had to let it sit for an extra week. 310 more words