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Hackers Have Gotten Smarter: Some Tips for What to Look For

And in other inexplicable computer news, this post got published with NO CONTENT, and without me hitting the “publish” button. Argh! (Deep breaths. Deep breaths.) 509 more words


Waspish Wednesday: New Wrinkle on Captcha Problem


I have posted before about how Captcha interferes with internet access. It seems like almost daily I hear from a friend that she can’t access a website, a forum, or other resource because of Captcha, also known as word verification or image verification. 354 more words

Blog Carnival

Waspish Wednesday: Receive Free Sn*ggle Sample (Then Vomit)

Wow! Sometimes I really have to wonder how I get on various mailing lists or get certain targeted ad campaigns. (Although, as we shall discover, I did eventually get a hint about this one.) 1,331 more words


Waspish Wednesday: Ask Alima to Ditch the Fragrance

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog in which I wore makeup and enthused about the company, Alima Pure, that made the makeup. I bought this makeup many years ago, and it’s still in great shape. 2,468 more words


Waspish Wednesday: The Chair! AUGH!

I just . . . I can’t even. . . . WTF, people, WTF? I’m incoherent with frustration. At. The. End. Of. My. Rope.

Spent all of Monday going to people who built it. 180 more words

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