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Single Review - Gabrielle Aplin - What Did You Do?

Nowadays, pretty much everything is trumpeted in a 140 character tweet, or via a Facebook update. Be it Drake and Meek Mill beef, or Hulk Hogan making an ambiguous “apology” for being a racist arsehole, it’s all done on the blessed platforms we know as Facebook and Twitter. 244 more words


What did you do last night?

It is a seemingly harmless question, until you put the emphasis I keep hearing on it.

It sounds more like, What did you DO last night?!  369 more words

AG savings....uh-oh!

Okay, since I bought the outfit, I had to take money out of AG savings. Which was for the Rebecca doll and outfits, since I was saving up for that outfit anyways it’s okay, but now I only have about $10 saved for my doll, I hope I can save $110+ for this summer!!!   27 more words

Nariah says… #103

Caught off guard by this one. I picked up Nariah the other day from school and asked how her day went while we headed home. She told me briefly about her day and then asked about mine. 131 more words


What did you do?

Welcome back students!! I hope you all enjoyed your lovely break and had some good times with friends and family for the holidays. The break for your friendly neighborhood librarians is significantly shorter than break for most students, as we need be open to help Avila faculty, international students, and community members who pop in. 169 more words


So, What did you do?

Life before kids…

It can be quite foreign to think most mums had a life before we had our bundles of sprogliness. Most expat mums here answer “What did you do before kids?” with “I was a nurse,” or “I was a teacher,” or even “I was an accountant.” Their answers are quantifiable and easy for people to imagine and understand. 996 more words

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