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How to decode a dream!

How to interpret your dreams:

Write down the dream

By writing the dream down, you keep the dream alive – and may even remember more details as you go! 389 more words


The Elephant Whisperer

Have you ever awakened from a vivid dream that seemed, after you were conscious, to be totally ridiculous? As I was growing up, I often dreamed that I was flying, an exhilarating experience swooping up and over treetops and soaring high above the clouds with the birds. 1,282 more words

Faith Journey

A Rootedness Within

It is often pointed out that great ideas that are never acted upon are lost to the world. Why? Because they remain energetic potential and are not made real. 578 more words

Inner / Outer

Self Revealed

Here is an excellent dream and dream analysis that shows how precisely the images we have can show us, and teach us, about ourselves and where we are in our lives. 1,848 more words

Audio Posts

Announcment: I have moved to Houston, Texas

After the riveting dreams of the past weekend. I applied to over 107 jobs in hopes to find work within the Houston area. Yesterday, I awoke to multiple phone calls regarding employment opportunities. 107 more words


Daily Water "Growth"

To achieve progress is to grow. Growth is the instinctual  premise for all life on this earth. So I implore you to ask yourself. How are you growing? 23 more words


Daily Water "Knowledge"

Through experience, we, as beings, begin to learn. Through experience, we gain wisdom and insight. Through experience, we gain understanding, and knowledge. Without having gone through anything, you are as a toddler not having taken his first step. 25 more words