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An Old Dream

A lot of times my dreams are like movies, they have characters, stories, they usually follow a timeline, and they are interesting.

I don’t study dreams but I would imagine such vivid dreams as the ones I have must mean something. 2,161 more words

Just Another Day

Still thinking about clouds? You must be dreaming! - Image #54

After yesterday’s post about Cloud computing, I thought I’d change tack and simply share an article from Dee’s website.  She’d written an article about dreams for The Mirror newspaper here in the UK some time back, and was asked for some additional material as she is a dream analyst with many years experience.   47 more words

Pic Of The Day

A Little Lost: Part I

In last night’s dream,

the highways merged,

like they do,

in my home town.

On a bus,

the driver charged


my fare  increasing,

as we drove farther and farther, 76 more words

Daily Journal

Using Dreams

I don’t normally remember dreams but the last 2 have been so vivid!! They’ve both been about my ex. I’ve woken from them feeling so happy and distressed at the same time , thing is she looked well but in the last dream she was using cocaine. 96 more words

Dream Interpretation.

So I’m looking for some help with this one. I don’t often have dreams thanks to my medication but when I do it seems to be a variation of the same dream. 122 more words