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Self Revealed

Here is an excellent dream and dream analysis that shows how precisely the images we have can show us, and teach us, about ourselves and where we are in our lives. 1,848 more words

Audio Posts

Announcment: I have moved to Houston, Texas

After the riveting dreams of the past weekend. I applied to over 107 jobs in hopes to find work within the Houston area. Yesterday, I awoke to multiple phone calls regarding employment opportunities. 107 more words


Daily Water "Growth"

To achieve progress is to grow. Growth is the instinctual  premise for all life on this earth. So I implore you to ask yourself. How are you growing? 23 more words


Daily Water "Knowledge"

Through experience, we, as beings, begin to learn. Through experience, we gain wisdom and insight. Through experience, we gain understanding, and knowledge. Without having gone through anything, you are as a toddler not having taken his first step. 25 more words


Daily Water "Dreams of Reflection"

Look within and there you find your true self. Look without and your vision will be clouded by the obscurity that is man. Within, you hold the secrets to unlocking your potential. 87 more words


Daily Bread "We Are One"

You are awesome. You, are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. You hold within you the secrets of the universe. Look within; your perception is truth. 60 more words