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The Grading Pit (Also Known as My Bad Habit)

I’m a relatively new teacher, which means I’ve been leavening my habits-good and bad-along the way. I’ve found I’m pretty good at some things, and terrible at others. 237 more words


Poor Heart......

What do you do when you know someone and things are going pretty well between the two of you and then things just stop out of the blue or the situation changes and now you have mixed feelings and emotions about a person. 603 more words

Ranting Time

The Blurred Lines Of Social Media.

                I have two questions. When it comes to social media, how much is too much, and how far is too far? Social media, for the most part, is a wonderful thing. 485 more words


What Do You Do When All You Have Is ...

A case of flu in recovery mode, an empty stomach, and a few past their prime veggies, a loaf of 3 day old bread, and a slab of salmon thawed and needing to be cooked?   271 more words

3 Day Old Bread

What Do You Do?

If you thought at my age that question would not bother me, you would be wrong. Through the years people have asked that and I am never sure just how to answer. 657 more words


What do you do? 12 Questions Answered by a Public Relations Professional

The following is an interview about some aspects of the public relations role.

Job Holder’s Name:  Bill Bonner
Job Title: Principal, BonnerIMPR (Integrated Marketing & Public Relations) 1,722 more words

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