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Making a Business Card!

I want to be a minimalist.  All I wanted to do is make a simple “business card” so I can give my contact information out to people I meet.   110 more words

Business Cards


What do you do when you run out of words? What do you do when you find words, but they won’t be enough? What do you do upon seeing the hurt and pain, yet knowing that there is absolutely nothing, nothing you can do to ease their heart? 367 more words

"I Make Furniture And I Mill My Own Wood" - Indeed He Does!

I am sometimes overwhelmed in a crowd of strangers. If I anticipate being in a large gathering of people where I have any responsibility for leadership or involvement, I like to get there early and meet folks individually as they arrive. 1,122 more words

"Young And In Love Conquers All"

Time flies, it's ready to say goodbye.

So the other day I posted about my regrets.

They still haven’t changed.

I love my husband, but I still find myself wishing I’d made different choices and who’s to say that alternatively we wouldn’t have ended up together anyways? 224 more words


Writing Prompt #52

Even professional assassins have hearts and mothers. – found on pinterest

Imagine! You are an assassin and a hit is put out on your own mother… I don’t know what she does but make it up… what do you do? 55 more words

Writing Prompts

The Centennial: September 5, 2015

For the first time in his life, an autumn approached in which Eran didn’t want to go to school. Even during his nonprofit days, he had missed the opportunity to sit in a classroom, crack a fresh book, and learn something new. 450 more words



I read and write
I sing and dance
I eat and drink
I walk and run
I skip and jump
I study and learn
I see and hear… 70 more words