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Think We're Running Out of Time

Few figures in pop music have divided public opinion more in recent years than the Canadian singer/songwriter, Justin Bieber. From journalists and fans criticising the music that he made and entertainment corporations following him around attempting to expose any time that the young man might make a mistake, to having to try and maintain a loyal and adoring fan base, it is often hard to get a proper grasp on what we should think about the superstar. 330 more words


Thank you Bieber.

Very popular Justin number ‘what do you mean?’ Its got this amazing beats as per the tick tocking of a clock. Loved it

Thank you for making me understand my mom partly. 147 more words


Pragmatic discourse of Lebanese: Ye3neh? Jæʕne? « je veux dire »,, "I mean"

Pragmatic discourse of Lebanese: Ye3neh? Jæʕne? « je veux dire »,, “I mean”

“What do you mean?”

Abstract of Layal Kanaan thesis

Jæʕne, marqueur issu des dialectes libanais, syrien, palestinien et égyptien, a été rencontré dans le cadre d’un travail de thèse consacré à l’étude de la reformulation dans les discours de Libanais francophones. 11,010 more words


Blog Exercises: What Do You Mean By That?

Standing with a group of bloggers at a conference recently, someone said something and another blogger asked, “What do you mean by that?”

I don’t remember the topic, but I loved the response. 370 more words


What Do You Mean: Vengaboys - We're Going To Ibiza

Ah summertime. The living is easy, the cotton is high and the beach holidays are rife. Nothing says “sunshine and other summery stuff” quite like the Vengaboys. 566 more words


What do you mean?

“Personal Responsibility” per the Republican Party:

-You shouldn’t let yourself get poor
– Getting cancer is your own damn fault
– Being old, sick, frail and lonely is nobody else’s problem… 817 more words

What Do You Mean: Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times

Just like our house goldfish, this feature has been resurrected from near death. The tank’s had a good scrub and it’s gotten used to the new food, so here comes a fresh lease of life. 565 more words