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TBT - 1980s

In Bieber’s case, it is always the remix that’s more bearable. Thank you for this rendition, TRONICBOX. Whether you do this for your fellow countryman or not, sending two thumbs up all the way to Canada. 13 more words

This Is How It Would Sound If Justin Bieber Made Music In The 80s

80s music is awesome!

So much so that a very clever person called Tronicbox has sent Justin Bieber back there to re-record a couple of songs. 47 more words


What You Mean To Me 💞

You can always take me for granted,I promise😊
Just like I have,your understanding😉
I’m not one to show how I feel😳
Coz I’m sure I’ll mess it up somehow… 316 more words


Someone Mashed Up Bieber With the 80s And You Just Have To Hear It

Tronicbox is a self-described musician, gamer and software devotee, and he’s just created a masterpiece.

What if Justin Bieber had been part of the 1980s? 84 more words


"What Do You Mean" if it was released in 1985

This is the greatest thing that I’ve heard all week. That cover photo, that background music, the sax solo! If only we could go back in time…



In today’s world, media is everything, especially for musicians. There are a lot of different platforms that can be used to share creations, news or anything in between. 345 more words

Some One Put Bieber Music In A Time Machine And Remixed It Into an 80's Song And Its Lava Hot

Magnum. Absolute work of art. Is Bieber on par with Michael Jackson’s legacy? Definitely not yet, but I definitely think it will be. And you know what? 164 more words