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Health Care and the Next Seven Days

Whatever your opinion on President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump, I look to the constitutionality of the Affordable Health Care Act.

In review, the Affordable Health Care Act passed through every branch of government. 344 more words


What do you stand for?

I wouldn’t say I have a large amount of friends on my Facebook page. To be honest, in comparison to some I really am the size of a pea in the world of social media. 722 more words

26.3 Revelation - Their Day in Court

I think the precious beauty of God’s justice and fairness is most beautifully portrayed in the court scene of Revelation 20.  Every single person, from every time, the living and the dead, the great and the small, the one with years and years of life and the one with days, they all get their day in court. 521 more words

26 Revelation