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Polynesian lady with flower

Was just wondering which side the flower should be? I thinkĀ one side is meant to mean available and the other is not, I wasn’t thinking about that when I made it so what did I subconsciously do I wonder? 6 more words


What Does It Mean to Have a Mission?

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

You hear a lot of talk in our little community about being on a mission, but what exactly does that mean? 1,052 more words

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Saturday's Child, Always Hard Working...

When the empty void receded, leaving form and function in its wake, there was left a place that bore something of the creation that had come, and yet was still marked by the nothing that preceded it. 475 more words

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Sunday's Child, Wise and Good In Every Way

When the Seven rose from nothing, one among them was granted a higher place than the others. One was set to ensure that all proceeded as it should, that all events occurred as they had been planned. 701 more words

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Wednesday's Child, Full of Woe

The Huntsman once watched over the fields and forests, ensuring all living things kept to their place, were safe and well fed and did nothing to disturb the habitats of other things. 308 more words

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Wild Dog Pack Continues to be a Nuisance

An apparent pack of wild dogs has been running rampant in the suburban area known as Lemmon Valley, representatives of the Reno SPCA say.

There have been over two dozen reports in the last month of outdoor pets or domestic animals being attacked; so far, all the attacks have occurred in the late hours of the night, with an almost 100% fatality rate. 315 more words

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She saved the woman... but now she's missing, too.

As reported previously, Tricia Kenrickson was instrumental in making sure Allison James and her apparent child, Michael got the medical help they required. However, shortly thereafter, Ms. 74 more words

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