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What does the statement “I do not believe in or support the split model attraction” mean when used by someone who also uses the term “cishet aro/aces” on the same page?

Asexuality Talk

"What Does It Mean to Be a Teen?" Asks an Average Everyday Teenager

Everyone’s in such a rush to grow up.

I don’t think I’m immune, but I also don’t think I’ve fallen into the trap either.

One day it hit me that there is so much life to be lived.   198 more words

A cup ...

A cup is used quite often in the Bible to represent a person’s fate, a person’s destiny. The cup could be one of blessing or of judgement. 19 more words

What Does It Mean?

Will the Real FDR Please Stand Up?

The Bernie Sanders campaign is seeking to make the Senator’s self-described socialism palatable by drawing parallels to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, pointing out that FDR’s enemies called him a socialist in his day. 532 more words


In Defense of Humanism

I find it odd that Protestant Evangelicals have such a negative view of humanism.

Rick Warren is the founder of Saddleback Church in California and an author of several books, most notably… 888 more words


The Special Interests

It’s a presidential election year, so we brace ourselves for all kinds of railing against “special interests.” But how would we know what is and what is not a special interest? 343 more words


What's In A Name?

I find myself wondering at the moment, if people still actually think about their names and where they come from. Not their first names, their surnames. 1,161 more words