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Alehap - What does it mean?

Alehap is a Vietnamese word originated from French language. Aller (go) “Hap” or “Hop” (jump). This is more often used in travelling, which means “stand up & go” to explore the world. 66 more words

Vietnam Landscape

Hi-Ho The Cheese Stands Alone

I have to share this dream I awoke to this morning as the last line was the first thing I had in my head when I got up:  … 237 more words


Things we do and say

to be or not to be

whatever will happen

is not always under our control

so gross

has nothing to do with weight

but something so sickening… 71 more words

What does it MEAN???

A bald eagle flew over my majestic bald husband today. It was circling right above the barn. I could see the hubby standing just inside the doorway, talking loudly into his phone. 812 more words

Thank You for Protecting Me from Myself

Two very helpful persons at the Brookings Institution, Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes, have written a paper calling for more professionalism and less populism in American public life. 1,736 more words


This Morning From The Yoga Mat...

Good morning beautiful friend. I’m writing to you from my yoga mat. I can’t even see the monitor so forgive me if there are mistakes I miss when editing. 429 more words

My Bohemian Life

Personal Loyalty in Government

CBS News estimates that about one-fifth of the country is solidly behind President Trump. Of this subset of the population, they report that 55% “believe government and law enforcement officials should take an oath of loyalty to the Constitution and president,” as opposed to pledging loyalty to the Constitution alone. 228 more words