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Just another Creepypasta, or something else?

Nobody’s going to believe me, but I swear this happened. Scared the hell out of me. I don’t think I’m ever answering my phone again, unless I know who’s calling. 1,177 more words

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Devil Worship and Graffiti?

Detroit, MI:

Shop owners are getting tired of cleaning these demonic symbols from their walls every other day; in the middle of the night, individuals variously described as “cultists,” “gang members,” “punks” and “nuts” make a point of targeting electronics stores with seemingly arcane, occult or devilish symbols alongside what appear to be snippets of poetry, invocations or other appeasements to dark gods. 138 more words

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Teleportation, now? Aliens? Tennessee Teens Find Something

Things keep getting weirder down Tennessee way; you might have seen our post last month about the rash of skunk ape sightings, or the one from two weeks ago where a lady supposedly was cured of cancer by well-meaning aliens, but this just might take the cake. 537 more words

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Open Your Hearts?

OverInquisitive Badger, reporting to HiddenTruthInsider.net from New Orleans, LA:

At least seventeen people have been hospitalized recently, having been discovered in their homes in states best described as “catatonic,” this reporter learned today. 329 more words

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Stuff happening all over the place...

Transcript of Session #22 with Julia MacPherson.

Dr. Haviland: Good afternoon, Julia. And how are we feeling this afternoon? Better, I hope.”

Julia MacPherson: “Um. Er. 266 more words

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Symbol, etchings, discovered in wake of Flood?

Transcript from Mining Today, July 1998 Issue:

Mirny Diamond Mine in Eastern Siberia is tentatively being reopened this week after sudden flooding caused several cave-ins and a complete stop to all operations last fall. 262 more words

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