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Powerunit| What does it mean?

We love watching Formula 1, but do we really know how the cars work? ‘What does it mean’ will give you some more information about the technical part of the sport we love. 351 more words


Oh Joy, EOFY

It’s the End of Financial Year, which means that it’s tax time!

Now, I’ve always liked filing my tax return, not because I’m an accountant[ 393 more words

Staying Inside

What does it mean to live simply

When you think of living simply, what comes to your mind?  Images of minimalist living, or doing things the way granny did? (By the way…grannies kick butt)  Or do you think of something totally different?  144 more words


Who's more Kafkaesque than Kafka?

I saw a theatrical adaptation of The Trial by Kafka last Friday and was blown away by it. I must confess that I haven’t read the book, though the prison chaplain’s character did quote the entirety of the short story “Before the Law,” which I’ve read. 763 more words


Declarations of Dependence

In August 2011, speaking in Andover, MA, Elizabeth Warren made these comments:

I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever.’ No.

2,078 more words

Not Your Ordinary Start

That’s exactly what this is. Not your ordinary start to a blog. Not your ordinary introduction. Not your ordinary anything. But, that’s us. We are the furtherest from “ordinary”… None of this is ordinary or normal or always happy or perfect or right, but what really is “normal” or “perfect”? 1,144 more words

What Does It Mean to Be Called 'Crazy' in a Crazy World?

It has become increasingly mainstreamto criticize psychiatry for its corruption by drug companies, invalid diagnoses, lack of long-term treatment effectiveness, and other scientific failings. The recent book,  815 more words

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