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[Fanart] Sumin, Seju #WDTFS

Haven’t drawn stuff in a while. Warm up with Jellywing’s brush settings (it’s awesome)



Now that is an unexpected reward. Thank you to my favourite Anatidaean, The Duck of Indeed, for the nomination.

The rules be:


Back in 2013, this video was really popular in America.
Being in Uganda at the time, I had no idea.
But last year, a couple of my friends introduced it to me, in an effort to explain why foxes had become such a popular design on clothing, jewelry, bags, and home decor. 298 more words


Review - Laphroaig, 15 Years Old, 43%

My son spotted a red fox tiptoeing at the edge of the woods behind our house. My wife grabbed her camera, and to get its attention, she tapped the window. 393 more words


Ylvis Has A New A Capella Hit

Remember Ylvis? You know those crazy guys from Norway who gave us “The Fox”.

Here’s a quick refresher course…

Yeah, now you remember. Man that was an amazing song! 42 more words


What Does the _____ Say?

It’s been a couple years since this went viral:

It doesn’t answer the question, does it? What does the fox actually say? And for that matter, what do some other animals say? 98 more words


Ryan Pace needs to reign Fox in

John Fox is not Bill Belichick. The Chicago Bears are not the New England Patriots and Chicago is not some tiny city tucked away in picturesque Massachusetts… 297 more words