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I'll Tell You What The Fucking Fox Says!

It screams. It runs down the fucking street, screaming it’s horny laments at 12:46 in the morning and wakes you up out of a dead, artificially-induced sleep. 163 more words

For All the Girls I Loved Before | Yuri

To be honest I am not in the yuri fandom. However, I found these 5 manga which actually moved my heart. I’ve been reading and them and currently waiting for the updates… 885 more words


Bright spot in Bears loss to Packers

I’m not going to dogpile on the Bears. Lord knows there is enough of that going on around town. They played “down” to the 4-4 Packers, who were without Aaron Rodgers, and had lost their previous 3 games. 369 more words


What Does the Fox Say?

I thank goodness that when this song was released only four years ago that my children were too old to get obsessed with it. This kept the song from being played continuously in my house so I only heard it everywhere else I went, where it was being played non-stop.  192 more words


What Does the Fox Say 2.0

” You are stronger than you think you are, You are smarter than you think you are, and You are loved more than you think you are”. 586 more words

What Does The Fox Say