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7 animal noises you've been messing up

Along with swaddling a squirmy baby, changing a diaper without smearing poop over every surface and operating on practically no sleep, making animal noises is a skill absolutely necessary to parenthood. 391 more words

Random Joensuu stuff

One of the things I like to do when I travel is to wander a bit and be open to finding strange or unique things.  I had that opportunity in Joensuu and I took it. 127 more words


Throwback Thursday - What does the fox say?

Throwback Thursday  – What does the fox say?

At the time this song was really popular; my youngest was IN LOVE with this song.  I mean like lets listen to it a thousand times a day if not a million.  2,754 more words


No, I don’t mean “Elvis.” Do you know about Ylvis?  Ylvis is a comedy team comprised of two Norwegian brothers (ages 33 and 36).  They’ve done some television gigs and recorded a few songs in Norway — famed hits like… 214 more words

Gangnam Style