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On running out of yarn

I know I filled you all in on the fact that I can’t do math when it comes to yardage (I am good on number of skeins, but had a brain cramp when it came to realizing all skeins are not the same), and I think I told you I spent a bit of time searching Ravelry for a match. 222 more words

What I Am Making

Let's not talk about the weather, OK?

Here’s what I am working on today.  It is going to be hugely warm as I am using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.  Not what the pattern calls for, but what i had near at hand in a generous quantity.   198 more words


cleaning off the camera and weekend thoughts

Oh, look, it snowed!  How %^&*^(*&)*^^$%^$%#%$#  pretty!

It actually IS pretty, and it is the kind of snow (wet) that sticks to things so you can see interesting shapes.  851 more words

How I Spent My Day

Friday list - back in the deep freeze

Brrrr….good morning! It’s so cold the cats are hanging out together in their “condo,” which rarely happens.

I sit here looking out a frozen, snow-covered landscape, and can hardly believe that there is a possibility of Sunday’s storm being rain.  271 more words


More progress... and today on my needles

I stayed up very late last night, but did finish the knitting on the blue Triinu shawl.  Yeah!

This morning I blocked it.  I love that something can go from this: 254 more words

What I Am Making

2:00 pm and the first flakes are falling

The next big blizzard is starting.  We are as ready as we can be.  All paths and decks and driveways are clear, bird feeders are full, house is warm, chores are done.  68 more words

What I Am Making

Southwest Harbor Library

I am sitting here in the sweet library (award winning, according to the news paper story framed downstairs!) reading the blogs between tax appointments, and I realized it is Friday.  322 more words

What I Am Making