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What I did today 24.04.16

I woke up this morning at 8 am with a throbbing headache. My eyes felt heavy and I just did not want to move. Apparently, last night, I slept without the fan or any ventilation AND IT WAS SO HOT. 418 more words

What I Did Today

Peaceful Saturday 

How is your Saturday going so far?

With today being so bright and sunny today we decided to take the dog to the water park for a good run. 316 more words


What I did today 20.04.16

I woke up at 4.50am today (I know this is is pretty early, considering that I sleep around 10pm-11pm) but I need to prepare for school-.- I made a smoothie with my leftover frozen bananas and soaked chia seeds, had a side of oranges and kiwis and ofc, coffee!!!:) I know there will be some people who will say, “I thought you are vegan, why are you drinking coffee? 328 more words

What I Did Today

What I did today 10.04.16

Hello everyone!
Today I woke up with such a groggy feeling because of yesterday’s activities :/ so this was what had happened ystdy… I wanted to go to this place to buy some earrings but I did not know how, so I asked my friend who said to take ANY bus from a particular bus stop. 410 more words


Today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

Today I had sex first thing in the morning. Morning quickes are the best.

I dropped my new jeep off at the dealership to have a clear coat put on it so dead love bugs will not damage the paint job. 430 more words


What I did today 08.04.16

Hello everybody! So today, it is one of the WORST DAY EVER. I had 4 tests/exams today and it was so stressful!!! But anyways I had my morning breakfast which was a delishh smoothie. 268 more words


Thursday April 7, 2016

If there is a list of the most fortunate people in the world, I am sure that I am somewhere on the top. Life truly is really good right now. 829 more words