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What I Did Today - 1/17

What I Did Today – January 17:

Processed a couple chickens, cleared tumbleweeds out of one of the pens and drank beer with Scott while we burned them, finished making my jeans and subsequently broke them in with chicken blood, invented ideas for deck-rail gardening, bought a real camera.

What I Did Today

Best Friend Time In York With Ginge

Now that I live in Sheffield, I don’t get to visit home often. This also means I don’t get to see my friends often at all. 497 more words


What I Did Today 1/16

What I Did Today – January 16, 2016:

Waistband and side seams on the jeans project, a new neck on a comfy thrift store sweater, snowy photoshoot with beaver mittens and a new friend, garden planning ( 30 more words

What I Did Today

30 day challenge day 3

Day 3: Your day in great detail

Woke up at 10:30 to my mom saying I needed to get up and shave my legs, she’d been nagging me to do it since last night… 115 more words


1/9/2016-What I did Yesterday

So today I had an overall good day! The weather outside was a bit chilly, which I liked because here in Texas we haven’t had much cold weather throughout this year. 277 more words

Super Saturday: Prosecco, Food & Sheffield Bloggers

For ages we’ve (Sheffield bloggers) all been saying that we want to do more things together, meet up, go for night outs, etc. So on Saturday, we did just that! 341 more words


Instant Karma?/ Happy 2016

Hullo everyone! It’s been awhile. My first post of the year and I’m glad to be here writing.

I really did think for a bit that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing at all, but even when Life’s a vicious bastard, it sometimes let’s a few nice things happen. 321 more words

What I Did Today