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State Fair and Other Affairs

      Putting it Together

I have been quiet for too long. I have been putting myself in the position of silence. I think to much and don’t speak enough. 1,122 more words

What I Did Today

Superhero Stuff

Today, I discovered that my instagram account jess_._the_._best has been challenged by a new arch nemesis jess_._the_._worst. I’ve always wanted an arch nemesis. It seems so fantastically super to have a rival. 556 more words


Stormy September

This morning a storm is building up momentum in my hometown. Dark gray clouds are looming, swirling above my head. Distant and near by thunder rumbles compete for attention. 180 more words


Ulrich Museum: looking at the overlooked

Tonight I went to Wichita State University for an event called “I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You: Black Vernacular” by artist Nathaniel Donnett. 254 more words


Rivers and grasses

Last weekend I joined 2 of my favorite cousins and my soon to be sister-in-law for the Buzz Beach Ball in Kansas City (Bonner Springs), KS. 923 more words


The "Big" Reveal!!

I am in love!

With Sydney and Alex, that is. I will not lie, this week was pretty weird for me. I was coasting through week one and two of school. 794 more words

What I Did Today


It’s officially football season. My husband is currently silent-screaming at the TV. You know the noise. The under-his-breath “Waaaaah! Yeeeahh! Yeeeeaaaah!” that is eerily whisper quiet, yet super annoyingly cute at the same time. 322 more words