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Routine Maintenance

I’m a member of a Facebook group where several ladies share about their exercise activities. Everybody is positive and the more experienced ones recommend workouts or ideas for the ones who are newer to regular exercise. 298 more words


(Some of) What Grocery Shopping Looks Like

This past week, I was in Bangkok, attending a UN conference on Statelessness and Protection at Sea. I was representing my organization, and it was a privilege to be able to discuss with policymakers, NGOs, and international coalitions how to approach this complex issue of mass migration, and it was an even bigger honor to speak on behalf of TLSDF and our partnering organizations. 703 more words


First Remicade Infusion

I was anxious, y’all. Anxious! It’s easy to feel doubt that anything will actually help when you’ve had no luck with multiple medications. It’s also natural to hope that this will be… 358 more words

RSPCA York: Autumn Fair & Open Day

Today we drove past the RSPCA York and noticed their Autumn Fair was taking place. We’ve visited in the past for other fairs taking place, so decided it would be nice to see what was going on this time. 256 more words


How I Was Kind of, Sort of, Actually, Recruited to the National Track Team of Thailand.

To begin, a quick preface:
I am not all that great of a runner. No, I’m not fishing for compliments, and yes, I know that humility is thinking of yourself less, not less of yourself, but truth be told, I’m spectacularly mediocre. 1,520 more words

What I Did Today

Love From... Magazine

Yesterday¬†the new issue of Love From… Magazine arrived. I was so excited. I saw all the awesome feedback received when people got the first issue, so I decided to buy a copy for myself this time. 233 more words


The Chiang Mai Grand Canyon.

Sometimes, you move across the world and, being the (wannabe) writer you are, pay attention really hard and try to find the stories all around you. 873 more words