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Hibee 2018

Hibee 2018! She’s a fun loving gal who loves the Sun, swimming, and cop shows. She however dislikes rats, petroleum based products and Apple products. 8 more words

Cereal Killer Caf‚Äče

Today I took my third trip to the Camden Market! Clearly, it’s one of my favorite places to go to in London if that wasn’t already obvious. 156 more words

What I Did Today

Snow Day - February 7, 2018

We’re snowed in today. My husband woke me a bit before 11, worried about me and wanting me to get up. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but I got up anyway. 222 more words


What I Did Today: Icebar London

Today I got to check going to the Icebar off my bucket list! After a long day of studying in the library, we took a trip to Regent Street and went to the Ice Bar. 97 more words

What I Did Today

Lukewarm consideration

As she stands waiting, she begins to wonder about her life before now. The choices she made, the pain she has endured, the rush of thrill and success…so far was it worth it? 28 more words

What I Did Today

What I Did Today: Brunch at The Breakfast Club

Today, Sana, Fran, Liv, and I headed into the city to get brunch at The Breakfast Club, which is known for its fabulous breakfasts! Honestly, we were a little underwhelmed after the huge hype up of how good the breakfasts were to find the waffles were kinda dry and hard. 137 more words

What I Did Today

What I did Today: Camden Market

Today I went to Camden and explored the Camden Market, which I absolutely loved! There were so many different types of foods that it was ridiculously hard to choose what to eat. 149 more words

What I Did Today