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Halloween Classroom Werewolf Game

**Free Printable Game, files at bottom of post**

Since it’s my 5th grader’s last year of elementary school, I signed up to be a room parent. 261 more words


Halloween - Coming Soon...

I have been neglecting my blog for the past couple of weeks. I’m a craft lover. So any time my kids tell me they want me to make them a costume for Halloween, I jump at the chance! 272 more words


Showing Empathy

Recently, a child and adult were observing a spider in the garden.  The spider ran around the web and hid in some leaves!  When the adult asked, “I wonder why he’s hiding?”  The child replied, “He’s shy!”

What I Did Today

Showing Creativity

Whilst in the garden the children heard a siren.

A child stated, “It’s an ambulance! Can we see it?”.

An adult asked; “Is there anywhere in our garden that we can see the road?” 16 more words

What I Did Today

Praying for Vegas

I woke up this morning bleary-eyed and ignorant. I reached over to shut the alarm off from my cell phone and absent-mindedly opened the Facebook app as I do every morning while trying to build up enough motivation to get out of my warm bed. 594 more words


State Fair and Other Affairs

      Putting it Together

I have been quiet for too long. I have been putting myself in the position of silence. I think to much and don’t speak enough. 1,122 more words


Superhero Stuff

Today, I discovered that my instagram account jess_._the_._best has been challenged by a new arch nemesis jess_._the_._worst. I’ve always wanted an arch nemesis. It seems so fantastically super to have a rival. 556 more words