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Chloe's 100 days festivities 

Gracie had a very non eventful 100 day dinner banquet…in Hong Kong it’s a pretty normal tradition to have either a full month (aka ful moon) dinner or 100 days. 412 more words

Hong Kong

Sheffield Food Festival May 2015

Yesterday I met a friend, Ellie, in town for some lunch. Even though I knew it was the bank holiday, I wondered why town was so busy. 426 more words


Random day with BENTO heaven/shopping Korean/illumanati and hello nico 

grace was dropped off to my friend, it’s her first time officially being babysat.

Been rly into Korean stuff…and recently I’ve new looking for a sideways bag for phones keys and one diaper. 352 more words

Hong Kong

What I did today/may14.14

Got up earl to KT to have lunch with my aunt..

My aunt thought my iPhone was magic Bc it took photo without directly shooting at us. 203 more words

Hong Kong

Happy worker's day !

Yay! finally I can celebrate this holiday like any other employed/underemployed Nigerian worker.

Here’s a pic I made for work to celebrate the day.

Yup I’m going to relax and do a bit of writing today. 9 more words

What I Did Today

Container Gardening: Week 4

WE STARTED OUR CONTAINER GARDEN 25 DAYS AGO. And it has changed so much!

Before . . .

and after!

Notice some differences?

I really wanted to plant some more lettuce over the weekend, but it was so cold and rainy. 261 more words

Bon Apetit

Gym facts

So I’ve joined a gym in the past few weeks. Why?. I’m essentially a pretty sedentary person who was getting seriously overweight. And since I wasn’t interested in getting any bigger i decided to join a gym. 525 more words

What I Did Today