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What I Did Today pt. 3

Woke up atbaround 12 today because lately getting up from bed has become a lot harder because its so cold out and all you want to do is just snuggle to bed all day. 433 more words

What I Did Today

Sticky Waterfalls and Staples

Since moving to Chiang Mai, there’s been one particular adventure I’ve been itching to accomplish: the Buatong, or Sticky, Waterfalls.

It’s essentially just a giant playground. 808 more words


My Weekend: Staying With Family In Hull

I was born in Hull and I love travelling back to stay at my Dads and step mums house. It’s always so relaxed. I’ve had the flu for the past week so I decided to return home. 296 more words


Instagram, inktober and other things

A lot of the time what keeps me from making regular posts is a mixture of insecurity, laziness and a pinch of perfectionism. While consulting with one of my few real life friends, I was given the simple advice “just write, as you keep writing, the kinks will work themselves out. 166 more words

What I Did Today

What I Did Today pt. 2

Well, the title should be “what I did yesterday” but whatever.

So yesterday, I didn’t actually do much. I went to Netcom because I can’t receive any messages from my phone and I tried everything but still I received none so I thought its some problem to my network. 295 more words

What I Did Today

What I Did Today

So I’m starting this new category. “What I Did Today” well the name says for itself. Its just like an update entry but just for a day. 580 more words

What I Did Today

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma - Afternoon Tea at Middlethorpe Hall

My lovely Grandma turned 80 on Friday and she wanted to celebrate her special birthday by having afternoon tea with her family.

I’ve been to Middlethorpe Hall before with my mum for afternoon tea, but I only remembered as I got inside the building. 220 more words