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What I learned this week, April, 30, 2017

When Squirrels Were One of America’s Most Popular Pets

Restaurants in my Hood

BigDash Ice Cream & Pastries, 717 Lingco Drive, Richardson. If you’ve never tried Syrian sweets before, your’e in luck; the friendly folks at BigDash will fill you up with pistachio-laden ice cream and gorgeous crepes. 165 more words

What I Learned This Week

What I learned this week: Week 17

Here are my major learnings during the 17th week of 2017:

Freemium is an interesting business model, writes Tren Griffin:

  • The essence of the Freemium model is to reduce the price of acquiring a customer. 
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Howard Marks

Pranks For The Memories...

This is my first birthday without Tamara, so I’ve been a little bleh. We always did something to celebrate our day. Nothing big-dinner, exchanging gifts-just happy that we made it another year. 148 more words

Just Fun

WILTW - Hidden Figures: The Secret of Hampton High School

It’s 1956. Mary Jackson is a computer at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She wants to continue her education and get an engineering degree. 208 more words

Books & Writing

WILTW: The Hitch In The Witch

Blair Witch Project

Book Of Shadows: BW2

(Disclaimer: Not a review of the new movie.)

I was excited to learn a few weeks ago that a horror movie called The Woods was actually a new Blair Witch movie in disguise.   350 more words

Brain Burp

WILTW: Werewolves In Cabot Cove

What I Learned This Week: Many of the guest stars in the Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble episode of Murder, She Wrote (1989) were also featured in 80s horror films. 226 more words

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