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Vans X Marvel

NOTE: Links supplied in this post are affiliate links, they do not cost you anything extra, they just help me earn a little bit when you purchase, so I can help support my blog. 2,087 more words

What I Think

Time loop

I had a dream of a man who lives a long time. He looked like younger than me but he knew a lot of things. He was familiar with my family more than me. 85 more words

What I Think

People who disappeared from my life

My best friend found me the photo of us which was took a long time ago. There were 2 others besides us in it. We don’t know where they are even though we met many times at that time. 130 more words

What I Think

Magic may exist

I believe everything happens for a reason. Good things but also bad things make myself. It’s easy to learn something from bad things, but I sometimes forget that and I keep being upset. 105 more words

What I Think

My existence here

Someone who works at Starbucks is going transfer to other Starbucks store. He told me that and we talked a little a week ago. We’ve been greeting each other since last year and it was the first time to talk to him. 125 more words

What I Think

To Get Good Shit, Write the Bullshit

This will likely be a random, all over the place, shit blog post.

Here goes nothing.

This semester in school I am taking 3 classes. Advanced Academic Achievement (code for this is how you study, this is how to properly manage your time, easy A sort of class), Art History 1900-Present (LOVE), and English 122 (my professor is the bomb dot com). 376 more words

What I Think

Where I need to be

I love traveling as a part of self care. These pictures remind me of various times this year where I explored new places.

What I Think